Everybody loves a barbecue Glasgow, although not everyone enjoys the pressures of cooking for dozens of hungry people. There’s the threat of serving food that results in your garden party turning into the “pea soup” scene from The Exorcist, Blowing people up, or an even greater disaster? All your invited guests fail to appear.

How would you feel if you could enjoy the delicacies of a barbecue without the added risk of offering plates of freshly prepared salmonella. Well that’s where GlasgowLiving can be of assistance. As we bring you…

6 of the tastiest BBQs in Glasgow…

6. Dennistoun Bar-B-Que, Duke Street

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 16.37.57

In the relatively short time Dennistoun Bar-B-Que has been opened, it has become synonymous with American style barbecue dining in the East End of the city. We know its not strictly an outdoor barbecue, but damn that food is phenomenal. If you’re a fan of barbecues make sure you pay Dennistoun a visit. Mouthwatering.

5. Sloan’s, Argyll Arcade

Sloans BBQ

One of Glasgow’s most iconic bars also provides customers with an outdoor barbecue, a little off Argyle Street’s beaten track, Sloan’s is perfect if you’re fed up after a day of shopping or fancy something carnivorous for a bite to eat. (Weather permitting).

4. Cottiers, Hyndland Street


A West End institution, Cottiers provides one of Glasgow’s tastiest barbecues all year round, (weather permitting). With a menu ranging from tiger prawns to an actual barbecued rib eye steak, Cottiers seems like a perfect place to get your weekend feast on. 12-7pm Fri/Sat/Sun.

3. Finnieston Bar and Restaurant, Argyle Street

finnieston barbecue

Worried that all barbecues throw the same grub on the flames? Looking for an adventurous new flavour? Well how about barbecued squid? Interested? Well the Finnieston Bar and Restaurant is definitely your kettle of fish. Burgers, Prawns, Steaks, Fish and a few other wild cards. With quite a generous BBQ menu, you can guarantee something on the menu will take your fancy.

2. Record Faktory, West End


Not satisfied with being the largest beer garden in the West End, Record Factory also boasts one of the best outdoor barbecues as well. Usually held back until the famously unstable Scottish weather is a little (very little) bit more predictable, check social media for more information. Be warned though, Record Faktory gets busy busy busy, set off early if you’re hoping for a table.

1. Brel, Ashton Lane

Brel BBQ

There’s no stopping Brel in Ashton Lane, arguably the best beer garden in Glasgow (Seriously have you seen it at night? It’s like something out of a fairytale). Brel is also hosts the best barbecue as well, providing hundreds of hungry visitors with amazing barbecue style grub. Throw in hours of unadulterated sunshine (weather permitting) during the summer and you’ve found a garden that would look amazing this side of the Old Testament.

Well time to get your grub on Glasgow, remember to stay tuned for an update of our BBQ article later on in the season.

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