DISCLAIMER: The writer set herself the goal of using as many cheese puns as possible in the writing of this article. Proceed Caerphilly.

DISCLAIMER 2: Identities have been marscaponed in order to have an excuse to use that particular marscapone pun.

In case you’ve been hiding under a roquefort for the last 12 hours, then you may have missed the drama surrounding the announcement of Scotland’s First Cheese Toastie Festival. Yep, that’s right. A festival of cheese, bread, and good times. We have collected some of our fav responses and peppered them with more cheese jokes than you can shake a mozzarella stick at, because, well why not?

1. This one feta have a gouda birthday, that’s all we’re saying


2. Ye canny shove yer granny off a bus, either


3. How dairy suggest that cheese can be toasted in just one way? (This debate is ongoing, go to the Facebook event page to join the fromage frais)


4. GlasgowLiving would be happy to take on the role of cheese toastie expert should this opportunity arise. We like our speeches and our cheeses to be very mature, indeed


5. Rumour has it that the headliners will stay at the luxury Stilton Hotel


6. Marmite and Cheese has caused some disabriements


7. It seemed like the cheesy pop would reign at the festival, but then the Roquefort back


Seen any more great responses to the Cheese Toastie Festival announcement? Don’t forget to grab your tickets from Friday 19th August at 10am – you don’t wanna be told that it’s nacho cheese if you can’t get a ticket.

Cheese Toastie Poster (3)