Its winter Glasgow, it’s almost certainly freezing outside, and if its not snowing already, then you can bet you’ll be getting smashed in the face with the Arctic circle’s saliva in the very near future.

But sometimes Glasgow, you’re feeling pretty mental and decide, f*** you winter, we want to sit outside and have a beverage, whilst embracing the winds of winter. To be at one with our Scottish nature.

We bring you seven of Glasgow’s Top Heated Beer Gardens.

Vodka Wodka – Ashton Lane

Vodka Wodka

So much vodka, so little time. Vodka Wodka is also pretty decent if you’re not quite willing to give up the outside life just yet. Plenty of heaters, but probably best wear a jacket anyway. Don’t want you catching a chill.

The Social – Royal Exchange Square

The Social

Royal Exchange Square’s premier bar/club, and also surprisingly warm considering Scottish temperatures regularly resemble temperatures felt on the planet of Hoth. Multitude of heat lamps will help stave off polar bears and melt any suspicious looking icebergs. Get down to the Social early, because the outdoor seats will get busy.

Republic Bier Halle – Gordon Street

Bier Halle

One of the first to embrace the outdoor heated love in. Republic has created a beer garden with such passion it genuinely feels you are inside (you could say you’re inside outside). Give or take a couple of degrees of temperature. Great pizza, great beer, great time.

The Ark – North Frederick Street

Beer Garden

The Glasgow student’s Mecca, providing shelter against their oncoming educational storm. The Ark has also quite a nifty heated beer garden, relatively extensive as well. Outdoor pool table, and comfy seats. Well worth a visit on a distinctly chilly winter’s day.

JellyHill – Hyndland Street

Heated Beer garden

So West End it hurts, JellyHill on Hyndland Street is a fine little establishment, warm hands, warm hearts and dog friendly. Although they never have to worry about getting too cold (apart from snow on their paws of course).

Ubiquitous Chip – Ashton Lane

Roof Terace

Another top bar/restaurant in the heart of Ashton Lane, Ubiquitous Chip has developed into more than just a restaurant. Their heated beer garden is hugely popular throughout the year, even in the brisk winter months.

Chinaskis – Charing Cross


A real hidden gem in Charing Cross. Chinaskis seems to get forgotten as it sits between the more popular City Centre, Finnieston and West End but nevertheless Chinaskis is an excellent if slightly unknown bar/restaurant with a quality heated beer garden. Basically your favourite bar, that you’ve not heard of yet.