It seems a sad reflection of todays society that people only allow themselves pancakes once a year. We say everyday should be a celebration, Communion= pancakes, Bar Mitzvah= pancakes. Successful trip to the dentist, yup you guessed it pancakes.

If GlasgowLiving were to ever run for Prime Minister our motto would be. “Everyday should be a pancake day.”

And with that piece of nonsense out there, we bring you “7 Of The Best Pancake Places In Glasgow”.

7. Bill’s Restaurant – West Nile Street

Bills blueberry pancakes

No need to worry when visiting Bill’s Restaurant as they now officially sell all day pancakes. Scoring highly on Trip Advisor and Yelp (average 4 stars), Bills certainly lives up to expectations, and with the added bonus of longer in bed, Bills is definitely one of Glasgow’s top pancake places

The blueberry and buttermilk pancakes are of the highest quality, with the option of added syrup, a generous helping of fruit and even streaky bacon, you wont go far wrong with pancakes at Bill’s.

6. Bell & Felix – Kilmarnock Road


A little pricey (£8 plus) for the pancakes but can you really put a price on happiness at the weekend? Bell and Felix is a welcome addition to the bustling Southside cuisine scene. With added bacon on top of your pancakes guaranteed you’ll never leave Bell and Felix feeling unhappier than you went in.

5. Cafe Go Go – Hillhead

go go

With rumours of supernatural qualities (One review said that “she went in tired and sad and the fantastic pancakes cheered her up in a second”) Definite mystical healing properties. Cafe Go Go is a brilliant cafe in the Hillhead area of Glasgow’s West End. Sometimes can get quite busy at the weekend, the relatively new pancake selection is definitely to be considered one of the best in the city.

4. Cafe Gandolfi – Albion St

cafe gandolfi

Definitely worth a prime spot on our list, multiple award winner for best breakfast. High class pancakes as well. Well what do you expect with nearly thirty years experience dishing out breakfast to patrons of the Merchant City. Freshly made pancakes with maple syrup and bacon.

3. Nic’s N.Y.C Deli – Byres Road


Nic’s N.Y.C Deli provided the City Centre area with something it never knew was missing. An American deli, but more importantly than that, quality pancakes from a quality American style deli, (They’re also pretty well known for their doughnuts but that’s another article altogether.) Nic’s Deli is a fast food venue, 10 seconds away from Hillhead Subway Station, and well worth trying out.

2. Al’s Bar and Diner – Weaver Street


With Al’s Bar and Diner getting actual recommendations from darn tootin real Americans, on Trip Advisor and Zomato GlasgowLiving felt obliged to award Al’s with a place in our top 7. The quote that convinced us was “totally love their homecooked pancakes which are defo not shop bought!! love them with chocolate and cream and fluffy scrambled eggs and bacon but defo cant forget the maple syrup.”

If that’s not high praise enough to unleash your appetite we cant think of anything that will.

1 Tribeca – Dumbarton Road


Say what you want about TriBeca but gosh golly they make some ferocious looking pancakes, if you get a hankering for pancakes, TriBeca tends to be the first place to go. With several premises throughout the Glasgow area, if you’re chasing that pancake dragon you’re never too far away from the New York style bar and grill. One piece of advice though? You’d better go slay that dragon with an empty stomach. The portions are massive.