If you were to believe those pesky hipsters and the media. Glasgow is split evenly between an economy based on craft beer, burger bars and the odd heroic citizen.

Well it’s simply not true (perhaps slightly), but Glasgow also has some of the finest wine bars in Scotland.

We present to you oh dear reader, 7 Of The Best Wine Bars In Glasgow.

Vroni’s, West Nile Street


Boasting to be “Glasgow’s only true wine bar” Vroni’s is easily one of Glasgow’s most popular, and considerably unassuming wine bars. Vroni’s nevertheless has a exceptional reputation for serving the highest quality wine in the quietest of surroundings. Vroni’s inside resembles something similar to a wine bar within an Audrey Tautou romantic comedy. (The first date type place.) Since opening in 1995, Vroni’s has grown in popularity without ever losing its quiet ambiance. A fine establishment for a glass of wine.

Boudoir, Merchant Square


Boudoir prides itself in being the wine drinkers bar, with tasting tips and wine directions on their website, the Merchant Square bar exudes elegance. Another bar with a magnificently extensive wine list. If you’re looking for a night tasting the finer “wines” in life, you can’t go far wrong with a visit to Boudoir.

All Bar One, St Vincent Street


Open since 1994, All Bar One promises service of only the finest handpicked bottles of wine. With the extensive menu rotated regularly, there will always be a new taste available. However if you prefer the comfort of a previously tasted glass, All Bar One has a collection of nearly 70 wines available.

Grand Central Hotel, Central Station

glasgow central bar

Scotland’s No1 hotel bar 2015, it’s easy to understand why. Some of the most important people in history have visited Champagne Central throughout the ages, JFK, Marlon Brando, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, and even Big Liz, The Queen.

With one of the most extensive wine lists on offer in the city of Glasgow, after spending an afternoon in the Grand Central Bar, you will feel as if you have wined and dined with the stars.

Malmaison, West George Street


Malmaison is more than just a quality hotel. Inviting members of the public to their exclusive Chez Mal Bar, you can expect to relax in a grande establishment, amazing guests, help create an atmosphere and ambience unsurpassed in the City Centre.

The Salon Bar, Blythswood Square

the Salon Bar

Considered one of the best bars in the world by Class magazine, the first floor of the immaculate Blythswood Square Hotel, features The Salon Bar, offering dozens of the worlds finest wines, when we mean dozens, we mean literally dozens. From every corner of the globe. Be aware though, not every bottle is sold by the glass. A true grape lovers dream. 

Hutchesons, Ingram Street


Hutchesons in its relatively short trading time, has really raised the bench, for drinking and eating in Glasgow. With a wine list that caters for every particular palate, even the most picky of wine connoisseurs will definitely be impressed. Definitely the cream of the crop in Glasgow.