The mysterious scaffolding outside the colourful venue previously known as the Partick Tavern is soon set to unveil a whole new Bag O Nails. The LAUNCH PARTY – which, let’s be honest, is the best kind of party – will take place on Wednesday 31st August. Here are all the things to know before you go, and some explanatory bits from us in case you aren’t quite sure exactly what to expect – before you get steamin ya dumplings (pun intended). Let’s make it a night to remember with some of that good old Partick non-alcoholic (or maybe not) community spirit!

Anyone else enjoy that #Partick (non-alcoholic) #community #spirit this weekend?

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1 – The original roof beams are back – Nothing like exposed roof beams to make you feel more golden oldie and warm inside. This is a strong start.

2 – There’s a completely new bar featuring a custom designed gantry which will house a massive range of spirits from across the globe – lots of booze and a specially designed home for it to live in. Now we’re talking.

3 – ‘Our open plan kitchen looks onto a beautiful new restaurant featuring Terry Gilliam inspired artwork by local artist Jim Byars – you can watch your food being made if your pal’s chat is not quite as enthralling as you hoped. Name-drop the artist to impress local hipsters, and also because his work is worth dropping (figuratively, don’t go lobbing it about the place).

4 – There will be locally sourced food: Stornoway Black Pudding Beef Olives, Macsween Haggis Meatball Penne. We also have homemade burgers in a Glasgow roll, and hand rolled pizzas – not a brioche bun in sight, thank the burger gods! Also haggis pasta is a avenue not currently explored enough for our liking. We sense big things.

5 – “Steamin Dumplins” – Hand rolled dough, crisp fried with your choice of filling. Steamed and then served in wicker steaming baskets. Just when you thought Partick had enough Steamin Dumplins – The piéce de resistance if ever we saw one.

6 – The fridges are bursting with world beers, lagers, ciders and some oddities from the worldwide independent brewing boom. We will have a range of draught products unrivalled in the West End with the star of the show being Rothaus Heffe from Germany’s finest brewery. Bag O Nails will be the only place in Scotland you will find this incredible product on draught – We are still getting our head around this one ourselves. But we think… there’s going to be beer. Lots… and lots… of beer. Time for a tasting session.

7 – There’s going to be a full programme of live music. The namesake of ‘Bag O Nails’ comes from the favourite Soho haunt of Paul McCartney and Jimi Hendrix, so we hazard a guess that the tunes are going to be pretty special.

Fancy the sound of this, Glasgow? Get yourself down there for the launch, and keep an eye on Facebook for the updates. See you there!