Glasgow’s micro brewery industry is booming, people are turning away from the average dull pint of lager or heavy. In this crazy modern age, the masses want flavour dammit, insane wonderful flavour.

Let’s be fair, we blame hipsters for the majority of things wrong with society at the moment, global warming, the threat of a new Cold War, the rise of ISIS, general ongoing terrorism and many of the other conflicts across the Middle East…Oh wait, sorry, wrong article.

Although, one thing hipsters have got right? Their unadulterated love of microbreweries and the craft beers that follow. They’ve turned a failing micro industry into the multi million pound macro industry it currently is.

So we salute you hipsters.

Here are 8 Great Glasgow craft bars you must visit.

8. Bier Halle


Seemingly leading the way in Glasgow’s Craft Beer renaissance since the actual Renaissance, Bier Halle prides itself on the vast selection of beers on their menu. (More than 100 available) Officially recognised by The New York Times as being one of the best bars to visit while spending a weekend in Glasgow. Do Not Miss. (P.S two 4 one pizza all day everyday.)

7. Kitty O’Shea’s


Relatively new to the Craft Bar industry in Glasgow, the former Pivo Pivo premises is a welcome addition to the burgeoning market. Kitty’s is the first Scottish supllier of Chieftain IPA from the Franciscan Wells Brewery in County Cork. Great atmosphere, great staff.

6. Max’s/ La Cheetah

st mungo

A very trendy, Queen Street bar which transforms into a downstairs nightclub. Cinderella esque at midnight. Plenty of craft beer varieties and also proud supplier of St Mungo’s, brewed less than a mile away at West Brewery, Glasgow Green.

5. DryGate


DryGate have done exceptionally well in their ability to surf the current craft beer popularity wave. Nitpickers complain that due to the strength of brand shadowing them (Tennent’s Brewery) there would have been a very slim possibility of their craft beer enterprise failing. Compliments to DryGate though, so far they have kept the Tennent’s connection pretty elusive and have stood on the quality of their product alone. Brewed on site as well.

4. Blackfriars Bar and Kitchen

Blackfriars, Glasgow

Proclaiming to have the biggest selection of craft beer and ales in Glasgow, Blackfriars will even provide you with a drink straight from cask to your lips (via pint glass of course.) The double award winning bar of the year, only supplies from the highest of quality breweries such as Tempest and Dark Star etc. Highly recommended.



We know its not technically a bar, but some of the best nights you will ever have are in a comrade’s house. Hippobeers are now offering to supply any house party in Glasgow with craft beer for a £9 pound delivery charge. Hipster house parties have been saved. With an average of 350 different craft, real and world beers available. It’s a craft drinkers dream.

2. West Brewery

west brewery

An icon within the Glasgow Micro Brewing industry, transforming a dilapidated Victorian carpet factory into a viable brewery/pub was not without its pitfalls. (As recent as 2008 West went into administration.) However they have since bounced back and are now tasting incredible success. Winning multiple brewery and flavour awards across Europe, West follow the strict 1516 Reinheitsgebot, the ancient German Purity Law allowing only certain ingredients. As a result of their brewing technique they are now respected as one of the finest breweries of craft beer in Europe. Their product can be found in bars and nightclubs across Britain. All West products are also brewed on site.



The undeniable leaders of the revolution. BrewDog are to the independent brewing industry what Che Guevara and Fidel Castro where to the people of Cuba.

Craft Beer reinvented. The PR champions have reformed an ailing, ageing industry into the hippest, coolest rollercoaster ride since Budweiser proclaimed themselves King of Beer. Regularly making headlines for their outrageous antics. (They rode down a London street in a military tank) The craft beer they produce is arguably the finest on the market. BrewDog are also responsible for producing the most potent craft beer in UK history…Tokyo.

With their Glasgow premises located in Finnieston, (the highly desirable West End area.) Why don’t you ensure BrewDog bar is the first stop on your next big night out. 

Congratulations BrewDog, you might be a little bonkers, but you’re GlasgowLiving’s number one.