Believe it or not, there’s more to Glasgow than simply Byres Road and Finnieston (who knew).

Somewhat left behind during the rebirth of modern Glasgow, the Southside of Glasgow is fighting back, with some of the brightest and best bars now in the Southside. People please welcome the rebirth of Glasgow south of the river.

Here are 9 bars you must visit in the Southside.

1. Clockwork Beer Co, Cathcart Road

Clockwork Beer

Crafting before crafting beer became hip (ster). Clockwork Beer Co. on Cathcart Road is a real hidden gem for Glasgow. Priding themselves on being genuine craft beer creators, Clockwork Beer Co also provides brilliant pub grub and are famed in the South Side for their tasty pizzas. With 8 different craft beers brewed onsite in their micro brewery. Hipsters rejoice, the Southside has your back.

2. The Bungo, Nithsdale Road

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.40.23

Another hidden pleasure in Glasgow’s South Side is The Bungo on Nithsdale Road. More than just a pub, The Bungo is more along the lines of a West End Bistro, pretty impressive food, above the typical pub grub standard, the menu is changed regularly and they take pride in sourcing from local suppliers. You can look forward to many special nights at The Bungo.

3. The Bank, Clarkston Road

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.41.52

The Bank on Clarkston Road is well worth a cheeky visit, with an interior design that wouldn’t look out of place in the Merchant City, facing onto the old Muirend Cinema, the bar bistro is quite unassuming from outside, but inside it really is a lovely place to go for a quiet drink or if you fancy a bite to eat. Brilliant deals on food and relatively cheap pints and a top notch atmosphere. (There are a couple of more expensive pints on offer for the more attuned palate.)

4. Lebowski’s Pop Up, Nithsdale Road


Well what can you say about Lebowski’s that hasn’t been said already. Famous for White Russians, famous for being effortlessly cool, and famous for being one of the most popular bars in Finnieston. Well the magic continues in the South Side. A temporary pop up that was such a huge success they, chucked off their shoes, put their feet up and stayed. Not to be missed.

5. Church On The Hill, Algie Street

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 09.21.58


The gastro pubs of gastro pubs in the South Side, started life as a dilapidated church, that went under quite the renovation. It’s now a stunning bar/restaurant with plasma screens, live sport, quality food and a building with an outside exterior befitting of Tobacco Lord era Glasgow.

6. The Glad Cafe, Pollokshaws Road

Glad Cafe

The Glad Cafe has been at the forefront of the Southside revolution. When everybody was laughing at them and trying to kick sand in their face. The Glad Cafe were resolute and determined to prove the Southside doubters wrong. Look at them now, if The Glad Cafe was any more hip it would actually be connected to the femur. Cafe/venue/bohemian hangout/craft beer vendor/cinema etc. A splendid place for the Southside and the utmost respect to everybody involved.

7. Loks Bar And Kitchen, Newlandsfield Road

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.49.00

Scoring excellently on Trip Advisor, Loks Bar and Kitchen is providing a superb service to Southsiders, craft beers, quality cocktails and a pretty in-depth food menu, helps Loks stands tall amongst not only the bars in the Southside but against many of quality bars in Glasgow.

8. Mulberry St, Pollokshaws Road


Welcoming both families and grown ups Mulberry St is a fine bar/restaurant on Pollokshaws Road. Split evenly between a bar area and restaurant. Trip Advisor has received countless positive reviews in regards to their food, service, pleasantness of staff. Quality wine menu and a wide variety of delicious food. Ranging from Thai Chicken, Swordfish or if you’re a true flesh eater, a perfectly cooked sirloin steak. Delicious.

9. The Rum Shack, Pollokshaws Road

Rum Shack

The Rum Shack is perfect for those who in a past life should have been a pirate (No we’re not talking about enjoying a spot of murdering or being diagnosed with scurvy.) We’re of course speaking about Rum, Rum, and more Rum. The Rum Shack should satiate your particular taste. Run by the owners of MacSorley’s in the city centre, the bar situated on Pollokshaws Road, has more than 30 different varieties of rum and live bands almost every night below in their innovatively titled live venue “Downstairs”.