Glasgow, we don’t know if you’ve noticed but the weather is actually rather lovely at the minute.

It’s a shame though because in typical Scottish fashion, immediately after we drop our veil of trepidation toward the sky, we are now being warned thanks to us enjoying more than 4 hours of consecutive sunshine, we are due to be attacked by toxic smog.

Scottish weather is like the bully who laughs at our haircut, tells us to change it and then laughs at our new haircut anyway.

Anyway if you’re looking to avoid, the fast approaching, all existence threatening toxic death smog, but are still looking for a little continental flair in your cuisine. Head for a Tapas bar.

Here are a few Tapas bars to try at your own convienience, courtesy of GlasgowLiving.

9. Rioja, Finnieston


Instantaneous fame beckoned for Rioja in Finnieston after an uploaded picture of sausage and mash in a glass went viral. (Sausage and mash would never be the same.) Rioja has expanded from being more than just a pop up tapas bar to being insanely popular. In depth selection of d’lish dishes on offer, lunchtime discounts and very highly rated reviews on Google. Well deserved place on our top tapas list.

8. Tinto Tapas Bar, West End


The latest edition to the bustling Tinto empire, Tinto in the West End promises a vast selection of Spanish infused dishes. Tinto Tapas offers a fantastic deal of three dishes for £7.95 from Monday til Saturday, 12pm til 5 pm. There’s also the separate option of paella with a glass of wine for less than £7 pounds.

7. Topolabamba, St Vincent Street


Although it seems we’re pushing it in regards to the exact definition of a tapas restaurant. Mexican restaurant Topolabamba serves food in smaller sharer plates, rather than traditional plates for one. The St Vincent’s Street restaurant’s menu also offers smaller more traditional plates of cuisine, perfect for the folk who go on holiday and only eat in restaurants with “fried breakfast’ on the menu.

6. La Tasca, Renfield Street


Serving authentic Spanish cuisine since 1993, La Tasca has restaurants in both the city centre and Silverburn shopping centre. Offering a menu with items from across the whole of Spain, La Tasca’s signature dishes with have you drooling at their mere mention. Offering a huge selection of vegetarian, fish and meat tapas dishes, you will definitely find something to fit your particular tastes on the menu.

5. Las Ramblas, Bearsden


Bearsden’s very own slice of Spanish life is a fantastic restaurant to visit if you’re peckish, all food is cooked fresh, all ingredients are daily fresh and speciality flame cooked, provides customers with a unique experience, you will struggle to find anywhere else.

4. La Vita Spuntini, Byres Road


Who says only the Spanish can create fantastic Tapas dishes. La Vita, on Byres Road promises Tapas with a difference. Mini dishes of Italian cuisine, allows people visiting La Vita the opportunity to try several dishes, and perhaps try something they normally wouldn’t, free from the fear of disliking the dish. Spuntini also allow slightly bigger portions of those with a slightly larger appetite.

3. Torres Tapas, Sauchiehall Street

torres tapas

Tapas on Sauchiehall St? It’ll never work.Hmm that was 2008. It is is now requested, you reserve a table rather than turning up at Torres. Regrettingly there’s a strong possibility of customers being turned away. Not the largest restaurant on our list, but what Torres lacks in size it makes up for in hospitality and sheer quality of grub on offer. (Keep on the look out for regular Groupon deals as well.)

2. Cafe Andaluz, St Vincent Place

cafe andaluz

With two restaurants in Glasgow, Cafe Andaluz is serving dishes to both the West End and the city centre visiting public. Promising a little taste of Spain no matter the weather, Cafe Andaluz is massively popular in Glasgow, and with a restaurant in Edinburgh, they can be trusted to bring you fantastic tapas. Huge range of dishes and will easily cater for vegetarians and other specific food types. Andaluz is definitely worth a visit

 1. Barca Tapas, Princes Square

barca tapas

Situated in one of Glasgow’s most prestigious streets, Barca Tapas also happens to be one of Glasgow’s highest quality Tapas Bars. You’ll find the restaurant on the second floor of Buchanan Street’s Princes Square. Offering both restaurant and al fresco dining Barca Tapas is as authentically Spanish as can be outside of mainland Spain. Authentic Spanish wines and high quality sourced ingredients. A real taste of Spain in Scotland.

What are your thoughts Glasgow? Where did we miss? Give us the low down in the comments section below.