Things to do in Glasgow? Brunch would definitely have to be one of them. Where’s your favourite food venue?

Fanny Trollope’s


Obviously we’ll have to discuss the rather large elephant in the metaphorical room at the minute. The Collins Dictionary definition of a Trollope (spelled Trollop) is a vulgar or disreputable woman, and the Scottish colloquial term for Fanny is…Hmm perhaps not before the watershed.

Anyway, moving on. Fanny Trollope’s in Argyle Street is perfect for a quick spot of lunchtime eating out. A menu consisting of daily specials alongside extravagant meals, ensures dining at Trollope’s will always be a mouthwatering experience. Lamb, chicken supreme, monkfish and plenty of other culinary delights are on offer at Fanny’s. Brunch at Fanny Trollope’s always goes down a treat. With two courses only costing £15 pounds, your wallet will be thanking you, and so will your belly.



One of the Daddy’s of the brunch scene in Glasgow, although TriBeCa has its detractors there’s no denying it has certainly provided a unique culinary option for Glasgow’s food lovers. With their extensive brunch menu ranging from poached eggs to a Brooklyn Burger via an Asia Shredded Pork Salad, TriBeCa can definitely offer a menu you’d struggle to see anywhere else this side of the Atlantic.

Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery

Two Fat Ladies

Two Fat Ladies since taking over The Buttery in 2007 has helped increase the restaurant’s already sterling reputation whilst cementing itself as a brilliant venue for high quality brunch in the City Centre. Situated on Argyle Street the well known restaurant offers a distinguished brunch menu in an informal dining atmosphere. A strong fish based lunch menu. Two Fat Ladies is nevertheless a fine venue “to do” brunch. Soup of the Day, cheese and Italian platter, and a vegetarian pasta for a follow up main meal is only one of the options in this highly respected restaurant. Book ahead.



Multi award winning Stravaigin, and definitely one of Scotland’s most famous restaurants, offers a more worldly take on brunch in Glasgow. With squid, pigs cheek tacos or even pan fried chicken liver, you can be sure you’ll be tasting a brunch like no other when you visit the West End based award winner.

The Wilson Street Pantry


Merchant City’s Wilson Street Pantry, although maybe a little lower key than some of the other entries on our brunch list, has been receiving sterling reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp since they first opened. Almost always busy (which in our books is a good sign) Wilson offers excellent food, ranging from Eggs Benedict, to the Scottish favourite square sausage, Wilson Street Pantry caters for all.

Avenue G Cafe


If you’re looking for a quick brunch and coffee you cant go far wrong with Avenue G Cafe, the Byres Road premises, receives freshly roasted coffee from their sister cafe on Great Western Road venue. Always guaranteed a great cup of coffee and a fantastic selection of food on the menu. Quick, cheery and painless.