If you’ve been in and around Glasgow lately you’ll have noticed something peculiar. A great big burger square go.

At the current minute Glasgow City Centre is the sort of arena for an all out gourmet burger death match.

Although seemingly an all out annihilation war zone for burger businesses, it’s quite the opposite for customers, who are getting to enjoy some of the world’s finest gourmet burger meals.

GlasgowLiving brings you: Burgers in Glasgow you must try before you die.

11. Jacker De Viande: Pulled Pork, Bacon, Apple, & Cheese Burger £8.50

jacker de viande

Promising more than just a pulled pork burger, add in bacon, apple, cheese and you’ve got a Jack De Viande special, each burger made from scratch, certainly stands out in Glasgow’s overpopulated burger battle.

10. Gourmet Burger Kitchen: Habanero Burger-£8.65

gourmet burger

With a three pepper warning on their menu, GBK’s Habanero burger is not for the faint hearted, laced with Habanero Jam, you’ll be glad of the mayo and salad to give you a reprieve. 100% per cent for the spice lover in the family.

9. 5 Guys Burger, Drink & Fries- £12-14


Five Guys has been quick to capitalise on the Glasgow market for gourmet burgers and has so far opened up three restaurants. Although at first 5 Guys seems a little expensive, the burgers are pretty huge and you get double the portion of chips. With extra toppings free, (salad, vegetables, not extra burgers.)

8. Bread Meats Bread: Pepper Jack Burger- £9

bread meats bread

Already celebrated as one of Glasgow’s best gourmet burger bars, Bread Meats Bread has one of the most original burgers on our list. Covered in a Dr Pepper and Jack Daniels Sauce. Pepper Jack is definitely worth a try.

7. Burger Meats Bun: Nae Meat Burger

Nae meat burger

One for flavour fans but not too fond of the meat. Promises the best of the burger without the guilt complex carnivores sometimes feel. Brioche bun, mildly spiced bean patty and freshly chopped tomatoes. Top Taste, Meat Free and Guilt Free.

6. Byron: B-Rex- (Opening soon)

Byron B REX

A Byron special the Byronosaurus Rex is a monster of a burger, onion rings, double slice of American cheese, smoked bacon, jalapenos, bbq sauce, mayonnaise and onions. With Byron primed for opening in West George Street be sure to try their signature burger.

5. BRGR: Sliders-£9

BRGR sliders

Offering you three choices from the BRGR menu, perfect if you really want a burger but are only needing something a little smaller to satisfy the appetite. Excludes the BRGR. Still pretty decent value for money.

4. Nice & Sleazy: Pignut Burger-£8.95

sleazys-pignutSounding almost offensive, the Pignut is a taste like no other on the list, burger, chorizo, haggis, smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon & bourbon jam, a bourbon glaze glistens across the burger.

3. Buddy’s Bar & Grill: Shredded Chicken Burger- £7.50

Shredded chicken burger

Buddy’s received best burger 2013 for their Western Burger. Buddy’s Shredded Chicken Burger promises to top even that. Lavished with Buddy’s Hot Sauce, their speciality marinated chicken is shredded, stacked with onions and lettuce. Be warned though, Buddy’s Hot Sauce is HOT!

2. Handmade Burger Co: Peanut Butter & Bacon Burger- £8.25


Peanut Butter. Probably the most random of flavours available on our list. (The wonders of a gourmet burger.) Handmade Burger Co’s Peanut Butter and Bacon is nevertheless worth a try, definitely a Marmite conflict. Some will love it, some will hate it. Everyone should try it. (Goes without saying people with nut allergies should avoid.)

1. Meat Bar: Splendor Burger- £11

meat bar

Promising a little bit of elegance in a burger. 3 separate cuts of Scottish beef, toasted mushroom caviar, tallegio cheese roasted garlic aioli (a sort of creamy, vegetable sauce). Meat bar’s burgers also include braised shins of beef.

What are your thoughts Glasgow, which restaurants would you like to see on our next list?