Love it or hate it, seafood has always been a staple of the Glaswegian diet. The Briggait, built in 1665 as a place for wealthy gentlemen to watch their ships dock on the Clyde, became a fish market in Victorian times and remained busy until its close in 1970. Indeed, when the city was first established in the 6th century, it was likely a fishing settlement for most of its humble early life. Today, there is a fishy restaurant to suit all tastes, and if you really can’t hack it, then there will definitely be another delicious option to try out.

1. The Wee Lochan

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This super cute wee family-run restaurant served up a delicious two course lunch last week – if you aren’t sure about fish then the desserts menu and homemade tablet will convert you in a flash. It seems to be a hit with the locals – as it’s always busy, and if you want to find out more then you can check out their website – in their words, ‘this website was built by a fortysomething with as much knowledge of I.T. as your average teenager has of diplomacy – be kind.’ Love it.

2. Gandolfi Fish

The Lobster Thermidor in all its glory, from Gandolfi Fish FB page.

The ultimate in seafood enjoyment, this fish-lovers’ paradise is the deserving recipient of a place on The List’s Hitlist, as well as placing in the top 25 restaurants in Scotland. Fresh ingredients and an expert approach ensure that it never disappoints.

3. Two Fat Ladies

Whether you prefer your Two Fat Ladies in the city, the West end, or the Buttery, you won’t regret a visit to these masters of seafood. From the delicious staple of Cullen Skink to the whole (WHOLE) Fish of the Day in Parmesan and Pistachio crust… I can’t really remember what I was talking about any more, the menu just looks too good. Check it our for yourself here.

4. Gamba

If you’re looking for something special, then Gamba is the answer. It’s currently top of the charts on Trip Advisor for fish restaurants, and only got UK Fish Restaurant of the Year, no big deal. The wine list is also held to particular critical acclaim. Knowledgable staff will ensure that you make the best menu choice or you might be there all night trying to decide between the delectable dishes! More here.

5. Crabshakk

This wonderful restaurant is one of the culprits causing all the fuss about how amazing Finnieston is – and we can’t really blame people for getting excited. Since 2009 they have expanded to include an Oyster Bar with a casual, tapas style of dining and the highlight is, of course, the crab. This one actually even looks happy to see us. Check out more here.

6. The Fish People Café

Well, it’s in the name, isn’t it? If you’re a fish person, then check out this jewel of the South side, highlights include Moules Frites Tuesdays, but the set menu’s Tandoori Cooked Anglesey Sea Bass also sounds amazing, if you can think of a better sounding fish dish then let minnow. We’re off now because that fish pun was no bad, but could do batter. Stay fishy, Glasgow.