1 hour business lunch in Glasgow? Challenge accepted!!!

It’s time for change…GlasgowLiving is launching our new initiative…The 1 Hour Lunch Crown.

Our goal is pretty straightforward. Search out restaurants in which you can be. In, and out, within 60 minutes.

Two conditions! Starters and mains out on table at the same time, and we get to use our cool stopwatch to keep score.

Our inaugural 1 Hour Lunch Crown challenger was Pizza Hut and their £6.99 Lunchtime Buffet.

Pizza Coupons

Service was very quick, we were asked if we would like a drink almost immediately after sitting down and then it was onwards to the buffet, which included unlimited salad and unlimited pasta.

Three plates later and the GlasgowLiving team were stuffed. In and out in 42 minutes. Well Done Pizza Hut.

Our second challenger for the 1 Hour Lunch Crown was Frankie and Benny’s. Starter and main for £9.95.


After an initial rocky start, (there was a delay in our drinks coming out.) Frankie and Benny’s looked to be in a predicament with our meal choice. 7 meals 3 starters and a wide variety of the menu requested. (Pasta, burgers, soup, chicken, hot dogs.) There seemed to be only one unfortunate outcome.

However snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, Frankie and Benny’s successfully fed and watered GlasgowLiving within the hour. 54 minutes to be precise. Congratulations Frankie and Benny’s.

Third to challenge for our 1 Hour Lunch Crown? Nando’s. Around £10 excluding drink.


Nando’s was always going to be a tough contest, 7 people eating, 7 people queuing and Nando’s at lunchtime is a pretty busy place.

We ordered multiple butterfly chicken & sides, green-bean salad plus peri peri chicken, chicken livers and also a peri peri wrap. Quite the order.

Although one of our team (Kevin) had to wait a little longer, (at one point going up to investigate, and possibly lend a hand.) Our waiting time wasn’t too bad. 56 minutes in and out.

Congratulations, 3 out of 3 and a 100% per cent success rate for our trio of challengers, stay tuned to GlasgowLiving to see who else will challenge for our 1 Hour Lunch Crown.