“Oh show me the way to the next whisky bar” sang Jim Morrison and luckily GlasgowLiving promises to do just that.

Did you know that Scottish whisky industry is worth nearly £4 billion pounds to the Scottish economy?

Anyway what we’re trying to say is that whisky is somewhat popular, here, there and everywhere. Here are some of Glasgow’s whisky bars to whet your whistle on a night out.

Why not heed Jim’s advice and let us lead the way to the next whisky bar.

11. Chinaski’s, North Street


Technically not a whisky bar, but a whiskey bar. Glasgow’s only bourbon bar, currently stocks more than 80 varieties of the fearsome liquids. If you’re looking for a trendy, rather than downright traditional bar then you’ve found your Valhalla. The ultimate hipster hangout. No signs outside to guide you in. Once you find it you’ll never forget it. Expect slightly derisory smirks if you ask for a “common lager”. Brilliant bustling atmosphere, especially at weekends.

10. Coyote Whisky Bar, Howard Street


The relatively new kid on the block, Coyote Whisky Bar promises to merge traditional whisky with a more modern style of drinking establishment. Bottles of both whisky and whiskey line the walls. One of the largest selections available in Glasgow. Very spacious and worth a visit.

9. Dram


Formerly the Uisge Beatha, Dram has undergone a little interior sprucing up, (paint job, new windows etc) It has certainly modernised the old building thankfully without losing any of its traditional atmosphere. Quite the substantial whisky menu as well, you’ll find a variety suiting all tastes, from your more typical whiskies to fuller flavoured or peatier tasting whiskies .

8. Ubiquitous Chip/The Wee Pub, Ashton Lane

the wee pub

A West End institution, standing for more than 40 years, The Wee Pub is pretty much just floor to wall whisky. 150 separate single malts, (best not attempt them all in the one sitting.)  The Wee Pub is perfect for a night of catching up with long lost friends or family over a dram or two. (or 150.)

7. The Lismore, Dumbarton Road

The Lismore

Right bang in the heart of the West End, The Lismore is a mans man whisky drinking tavern. Guaranteed malts of the month, previous recipient of whisky bar of the year and less than two minutes walk from Hillhead Subway. Perfect if you’ve a few hours to kill in the ever trendy Partick area of the city.

6. Arisaig, Merchant City


The West End of the city can’t lay claim to all the great whisky bars, with the Merchant City taking proudly placing in the top 11 list. Arisaig is a fine whisky bar & restaurant. Owner of some of the rarest bottles of whisky on the market, (can be a bit pricy.) Well deserved placing though. Also nominated for best whisky bar of the year 2014.

5. Scotia, Stockwell Street


Officially known as Scotland’s oldest pub. (Established 1792.) The Scotia perhaps doesn’t offer as many whiskies as some of the others on our list, but it’s an integral part in the history and creation of the Glasgow you see today. If the walls could talk, as the old saying goes.

 4. Oran Mor, West End

oran mor3

It’s hard to argue with Oran Mor, revitalised 150 year old church, nightclub, beer garden and a 3am late license at the weekend. (2am midweek.) Offering 280 malts and a malt of the week for £2 pounds. A bar that anyone would we proud to drink in. If you like whisky you won’t go far wrong at Oran Mor.

3. Ben Nevis, Argyle Street


Promising more than 200 whiskies to choose from, Ben Nevis in Glasgow’s West End is one of the apples of the Glasgow Whisky crowd’s eye. Decorated in a way, that you might imagine an old fashioned whisky bar to be, Ben Nevis is also well known for its quality food. Fantastic atmosphere and very welcoming. One you’re in it’s hard to escape. (There’s also the added incentive of 200+ whiskies.)

2. Bon Accord, North Street


A close run second to our winner, we would have accepted a tie, but society demands triumph. If you love whisky and are planning a Glasgow whisky expedition, Bon Accord is a fine place to start (and finish because you’ll probably fail to launch the expedition.) 350+ malt whiskies on offer, standing for 40 years and countless prestigious awards adorn the walls of this magnificent pub. The depth of the staff knowledge is astounding. (think mastermind subject knowledge.) Great drink, great food, great atmosphere. Even if you don’t favour a wee whisky, Bon Accord is a must visit.

1. Pot Still, Hope Street


Glasgow’s best whisky bar by a slight margin. Pot Still has hundreds of whiskies on offer. (Literally hundreds) and people travel from across the globe to sample some of the many, many…many, whiskies on offer. There’s even the urban legend of Japanese, whisky loving, businessmen, travelling from London to Glasgow, solely to sample a whisky they were unable to source anywhere else. Pot Still is simply a whisky lovers dream.

 What are your thoughts Glasgow, where did we miss? Let us feel your fury in the comments below.