The creation of a pizza is a simple concept, but it’s easy to get wrong. The mix and stretch of the dough, the seasoning of the sauce, the marriage of toppings and the authenticity of the wee taste of Italy that we’re all searching for demand a delicate balance to be kept when it comes to making the perfect slice.

Anyway, you get the idea, check out our carefully updated list of our favourite pizza spots, drool a little over the pizza pics and cancel your current dinner plans because one (or all) of these will definitely tempt you.

7. Pizza Magic – Hyndland Road

Image: Facebook

This wee independent take-away puts together some seriously creative topping combos that need to be seen to be believed. You can sit and watch the dough being worked then take it home to eat with the latest netflix show. If you’re a true pizza aficionado then we dare you to order the sweet pizza with nutella and all the trimmings for dessert as well. Your call.

6. Celino’s – Alexandra Parade

Image: Celino’s Website

This family-run trattoria has built up an admirable rep for excellent food, a lovely atmosphere and a fabulous Italian welcome at any time of day. It’s no wonder they’re so well loved now – they’ve been in the business since 1982 and they have well and truly perfected the art of providing what Glasgow wants from a pizza restaurant – delicious ingredients, a carefully selected wine list, and the option of a Scottish breakfast for when all the choice just gets too much.  .

5. Yesbar – Drury Street

Image: Google

Pizza by the metre and prosecco on tap. These guys know how to run a pizza joint. Yesbar is a haven for pizza and comedy lovers alike, with regular stand ups and shows taking place in the three storey establishment, and a menu of delicious stone-baked pizzas.

4. Bella Napoli – Kilmarnock Road

Image: Google

These guys do great pizza. That is a given – just a glance at the lists of awards will tell you that. The really cool thing here is not just the great cooking, but the artistic pride taken in the work. Have you ever had someone render your likeness on a pizza? Now is the time. Beautiful presentation, beautiful surroundings and the pizza is obvs bella too.

3. Eusebi’s Deli – Park Road

Image: Facebook

When their latest deli opened by Gibson Street last year, West-enders were quick to appreciate the amazing food on offer at this family-run deli, and you can find them queued out the door on the weekends. The family have actually been in business for over 40 years, and their first deli, currently closed for some TLC, is located in Shettleston. Their secret? Carefully selected ingredients imported from Italy. And AMAZING donuts for dessert, obvs.

2. Firebird – Argyle Street

Image: Facebook. Pizza Bianca with King Oyster Mushrooms, Charred Asparagus, Rocket, Parmesan and Truffle Oil

Fresh from a facelift, this Finnieston establishment is famed for a particularly delicious sourdough base, relaxed contemporary dining and something for everyone – they have gluten-free pizzas, pastas and beers as well as a veggie/vegan option to suit all. Plus, they stay open pretty late. Late night pizza and a pub quiz? Sounds like a good combo to us.

1. Paesano Pizza – Miller Street

Image: Facebook

A worthy winner for our number one spot, these guys make the most authentic Neopolitan-style pizzas outside of Naples. Artisan wood-fired ovens, a hybrid sourdough base, an extra long proving time and carefully sourced Italian toppings meant that they never disappoint. Glasgow are very lucky to have them on hand for a serious pizza appreciation session. Enjoy!