Glasgow is known for love of a spicy curry or two, so much so that more than one of the curries on our list comes with a health waiver, acknowledging the dangers involved whilst attempting to devour said fiery cuisine.

Did you know that Glasgow has won the curry capital of Britain award more times than any other city?

GlasgowLiving dares you to try 4 of Glasgow’s spiciest curries. (Oh and a special guest appearance from an Edinburgh curry.)

4. Tikka Chance- Cafe India-Merchant City

cafe india

Containing 10 of the world’s spiciest infinity chilis Cafe India’s, Tikka Chance was when first released for consumption the worlds spiciest curry. Only the brave dare try, and before attempting to eat the curry you have to sign a health waiver. It’s so explosive chef’s can only hold the chillis while wearing gloves.

3. Scotland’s Hottest Chicken Curry- Masala Twist Tikka Bar- Hope Street

masala twist

Billed as Scotland’s spiciest chicken curry, Masala will only allow people over the age of 21 to attempt this fireball. What makes this one different? Most curries use tomatoes and onions as the base, then add chillies, spices etc. to adjust the heat and flavour. But instead they use the world’s eight hottest chillies to create this ultra hot dish…How thoughtful.

2. South Indian Garlic Chilli- Spice Garden Glasgow- Clyde Place

spice garden

Not quite as spicy as some of the others on the list (considering the others taste of how licking the edge of a volcano would taste) But still incredibly spicy for us mere mortals. Guaranteed to blow your mouth off and the recipe to this particular sauce is said to be only known by a few people.

1. Papa’s Curry House- Challenge Phaal- Gallowgate

papas curry house

The spiciest meal on the Papa’s menu. Members of the GlasgowLiving office would be afraid to look directly at the Phaal incase it physically bit them. Offering chicken, mince, vegetable (vegetarians can also wince in pain, how considerate) lamb, prawn and king prawn. Considered a challenge Phaal, we would recommend a glass of milk and possibly some refrigerated toilet roll, for any Phaal challengers.

Special Guest Appearance- Kismot Killer Curry- Edinburgh


Normally we would avoid giving Edinburgh credit for anything (joking) but hands down the spiciest curry in Scotland and possibly the world. The Kismot Killer Curry is fearsome.

Known for hospitalising people (seriously) the emergency services have asked for the Kismot Killer to be banned. Created using the coals that keep lucifer’s bed warm Created using the world’s hottest chillis, its so spicy people with health issues are banned from eating it. It has wiped out celebrities, fiery tempered Gordon Ramsay couldn’t finish it. If you complete it, it’s free. Brave enough?

Dare you brave the challenge of this nutritional napalm? Have we missed any out? Our office spice lover Brett is looking for a spice challenge, where should he go? Let us know and you could join him, if you can handle the heat.