bIt’s here Glasgow! The big beautiful ball of heat and light that visits us fleetingly once or twice a year.

Had enough of staring out of the office leering jealously at the sun worshipers. Well let’s make a break for it. Throw down your equipment. Come on Glasgow let us all escape to a beer garden.

10. Bier Halle, Gordon Street

republic bier halle

There is no mistaking Bier Halle’s beer garden on Gordon Street. Right bang in the heart of the city centre, take a load of your feet and relax, providing rest and respite for every stressed person in the city centre. Perfect for a beer in the sunshine, Bier Halle also serves up excellent food as well.

9. The Byre, Eaglesham Road

The Byre

At the entrance to St James Retail Park. A literal two minute walk from Hairmyres train station, one of G1’s hidden gems for anyone who doesn’t live in the hills of East Kilbride or the surrounding areas. A children’s playground, and a massive outdoor seating area. Sometimes if you’re particularly lucky the Byre has outdoor barbecues as well.

8. Sloans, Argyle Arcade

sloans 2

A Glasgow landmark, Sloans has been in business for more than 200 years. Sloan’s beer garden is a fantastic escape from the trials and tribulations of Argyle Street. Although you could easily have walked by it 100 times without acknowledging its existence. Tucked away through an archway on Argyle Street. Sloans is one of Glasgow’s best.

7. Beefeater Crooked Lum, Brunel Way

crooked lum

An excellent and very spacious beer garden less than two minutes walk from East Kilbride Town Centre. The Crooked Lum in East Kilbride has an enormous open expanse, plenty of seating and a heightened patio. Also child friendly.

6. The Old Schoolhouse, Woodlands Road


Schools out forever on Woodlands Road as the Old Schoolhouse is now a bustling fashionable pub with an excellent and very modern beer garden. Situated next door to The Stand, expect The Old Schoolhouse to be pretty busy most days. still intact is the glass canopy which used to shelter kids from the rain, now turned into a shelter for the beer garden folk. Kid friendly until 8.

5. Church on the Hill, Algie Street


An enormous epic gastro pub, this is a very decent beer garden in the Southside of the city. Located facing onto Queens Park on Algie Street, Church on the Hill is perfect for catching some of the suns rays while casually enjoying a social beverage. Kid friendly until 8 pm.

4. Clockwork Beer Company, Cathcart Road


Another excellent Southside pub with a generously sized beer garden. Well known in the Southside for the quality of atmosphere on offer. Clockwork Beer Company also lay claim to having their own microbrewery on site. Very short walk from Mt Florida train station and kid friendly.

3. Brel, Ashton Lane

Brel2We would suggest that any of the bars on Ashton Lane offering a beer garden would be excellent for a little sunshine induced summer beverage, however there seems to be something special about what Brel’s beer garden has to offer, spacious, comfortable (people even brave it in the winter) and a fantastic atmosphere. You won’t go far wrong chilling for an afternoon in Brel.

2. Oran Mor, Byres Road

oran mor

An epic place to sit, enjoy a drink, and admire our glorious sunshine. It feels almost disrespectful to mention Oran Mor’s beer garden. Built in 1862, the church is a Scottish institution. Sitting enjoying a drink in Oran Mor is similar to sitting admiring more than 150 years of Glasgow history. A fine, fine establishment. A great place to while away the day, enjoying our brief taste of Scottish sunshine.

1. West Brewery, Glasgow Green

West Bar

Unmistakably remarkable, a truly grandiose spectacle of a building. On a sunny day there are very few other beer gardens in Scotland that hold a candle next to West Brewery and its beer garden. Looking over the grand expanse of Glasgow Green, West Brewery can offer sights that few other bars across the city. (Did we mention its also a microbrewery.)

Well Glasgow let the fury commence. Have we left your favourite beer garden off our list? Let us know below.