Its the turn of Doughnuts to undergo the hipster transition. Move out the way gourmet burgers. Lets welcome posh doughnuts.

Just don’t mention a doughnut burger.

Lets Go Nuts For Doughnuts in Glasgow…

Nic’s NYC – St Enoch Square

A huge success since opening its first premises. Nic’s NYC doughnuts are considered by many to be on par if not better than Krispy Kreme. You can expect a bit less insanity when visiting Nic’s. First Glasgow had the gourmet burger revolution. Now its time for the gourmet doughnut uprising. Have a look at the photo for some of the amazing delights on offer.


Hot Doughnut – Dumbarton Road


A tiny doughnut shop, seriously you could walk past without realising what wonders lay behind their doors. What a disappointment that would be. A family run business, every item is baked from scratch. The small doughnut habitat, offers single and double filled doughnuts on their menu. Check them out. Pretty decent offers as well.

Big Licks – (Various)


The allure of Big Licks is seductive. The doughnuts are so addictive it should be a crime. With a variety of flavours on offer the next as fantastic as the last . Don’t expect people in work to share them willingly and expect a Battle Royale for the last one in the box.

Tantrum Doughnuts – (Who knows)

After several successful pop up doughnut shops and markets Tantrum Doughnuts are now officially in the process of opening their inaugural premises in Glasgow. If their previous success is anything to go by. Tantrum Doughnuts will be huge. Congratulations & Good Luck when you open.

Patisserie Valerie – Central Station


One of Glasgow’s most famous premises for baked goods. Patisserie Valerie in Central Station has been a stalwart in Scotland’s busiest station for years and years. Always delicious always rammed. Definitely a treat worth trying.

Home Bakery – Hyndland St


Small bakery with plenty of heart, guaranteed everything is fresh, made daily and delightful. Only five minutes from Kelvinhall Subway. Treat yourself

Krispy Kreme – Intu Braehead


Well, where do we begin with Krispy Kreme? People worship Krispy Kreme like a deity, queueing up in their hundreds for the grand opening of any new store. It’s hard to deny that Krispy Kreme doughnuts are pretty amazing. Thank the stars, because the Glasgow premises is the largest in the UK. More doughnuts for us.