“Hey babe take a walk on the wild side” sang the legendary musician Lou Reed. Lou certainly knew what he was talking about should after pretty much writing the rule book on living the debauched rock and roll lifestyle.

While GlasgowLiving can’t really compare Lou Reed’s wild side (Drug addiction, cross dressing, S&M and prostitution etc,) to ours (several pints of beer, jager bombs, football coupons, the night bus and possibly chips & cheese.) If you look hard enough, Glasgow can offer a little more than you’re average night out.

If you’re feeling particularly crazy this week Glasgow, (or find yourself with a spare day or two) Why don’t you join GlasgowLiving and take a walk on the wild side. (We accept no responsibility for weekday hangovers.)

Lebowski’s, West End

2 of the 26 Varieties of White Russians Available

Lebowski’s in the West End offers 26 different types of White Russian. (The favoured drink of The Dude of course.) We’re not saying that you should attempt to try every variation in the one day, but perhaps across two days. (joke)

Hillhead Bookclub, Vinicombe Street

hillhead bookclub
Gramophone Cocktails

Hillhead Bookclub, where you play ping pong, (table tennis) while drinking cocktails out of a gramophone (seriously). Occasionally, DJ’s turn up to create a little magic music. (Felix Da Housecat.) and participation in retro computer games will be plentiful. Be warned though, everyone in the Hillhead Bookclub will be cooler than you, dress better than you. And will more than likely schmooze your other half when you head to the bar.

Tiki Bar, Bath Street

zombie cocktail
Zombie, Zombie, Zombie

A bar straight out of a drunken fairytale, imagine if you were stuck in Jumanji and happened to stumble across a little casual cocktail bar. You’ve nearly got the idea of Tiki. As the website says an exotic getaway in the heart of Glasgow. Oh did we mention the cocktails. We recommend Tiki bar’s “Zombie”, cocktail. So fearsome they only serve customers 2…per day.

Tingle, Michell Street

Mad Scientist

What Tiki Bar is to dreams and fairytales, Tingle is to student’s nightmares. Tingle is the fearsome beast that chases students in the endless corridor of their nightmares, tempting them with delightfully disgusting shots. Many a noble person has fallen at the feet of the Tingle staff, (or expelled their stomach contents in the toilet downstairs.) We recommend the “disco inferno” or the “mad scientist”. (Be warned both shots are life changing.)

Brel, Ashton Lane

brel garden
Brel’s “Secret” Garden

If Brel’s beer garden was a woman, it would nuzzle you in the warm embrace of its bosom, such is the delight of its botanical wonder. Imagine getting the opportunity to to spend time eating and socialising in “The Secret Garden”, the garden from the beloved children’s book. Customers seem content to relax on the grassy verges when Glasgow’s three day summer pops out from behind the clouds. With the added effect of the garden lights illuminating the area, Brel is certainly worth visiting if you haven’t done so already.

Grand Old Opry, Govan Road

grand ole opry
Grand Ole Opry on Gig Night

An integral part of Glasgow’s nightlife since 1974, you’ve not lived until you’ve line danced in the Opry. Excellent drink prices, for those needing a little Dutch courage, be prepared for chaps, spurs, live music, shootout competitions, and a Yee Haw attitude. No yellow bellied, lily livered, rattlesnakes permitted. Nowadays the hipster community has taken a shine to the Grand Old Opry, so you can expect to witness some wild and wonderful sights in the iconic venue.

Cosmopol, Hope Street

Karaoke in Cosmopol

Glasgow’s late night karaoke venue, open till 3am every night and free entry. There’s no obligation to sing in Cosmopol but duets are welcome as well, and who can resist a duet? With daily drink promotions available and a decent selection of drinks on offer, you never know, appearing on stage at Cosmopol could result in you realising a lifelong dream, and pursuing a career in the music industry. (Highly unlikely.) It’s rumoured that animals living in nearby houses in Hope Street are more afraid of the noise screeching out of Cosmopol than they are of visiting a vet on fireworks night.

Flat 0/1, Bath Street

flat 0:1
Flat 0/1’s “Empty”

Ready to relive the parties of your youth? Flat 0/1 is the “empty” you always dreamed of. Bangin tunes, cheap booze, cracking atmosphere and occasional famous musicians on the decks. There’ll be no sh***** in kettles in this party. The best bit is, nobody has to clean it up (Well apart from the staff, but they’re paid to do it.) Expect to lubricate your palette with high class beverages such as MD 20/20, White Lightning and a variety of other fermented goodness. Free entry, and the next day hangover? Complimentary and guaranteed. P.S the microwaves are counted.

Fancy living a little Glasgow? Where else do you recommend for a night out with a difference? Leave a comment below