With the first Kitty O’Shea’s opening in 1988 and now spanning two continents and four countries. They have been quietly conquering the Irish themed bars market across the globe. With its comforting interior, inviting food and pretty decent prices, they’ve now set their sights on conquering Glasgow.

Although independently owned, Kitty O’Shea’s on Waterloo Street has lost none of the appeal which helped make the other Kitty bars immensely popular. In fact after visiting Kitty O’Shea’s you’re bound to leave grinning like a Cheshire cat…’Feline’ like a cat that’s got the cream…Purring like a satisfied pu… Holddddd. That’s enough cat metaphors for one article.

Kitty O’Shea’s situated on the former Pivo Pivo premises has gone under somewhat of a makeover, out goes the rock music influenced industrialised interior design, making way for a warm Irish themed bar, all empty barrels of beer, pre-stained wood and background music.

The rustic interior of Kitty O’Shea’s is warm and inviting.

With 7 flat screens, a massive pull down screen and bookable booths for a little privacy, Kitty O’Shea’s can provide you with a big night out on the town but also a quiet night out in the same place.

Kitty’s Manager, James Nugent promises more than just another Irish bar, “yeah we’d like to think we’re more than just another Irish bar in Glasgow, we promote craft beers, (which btw are very tasty, more on them later though), and our food menu has a greater variety than many other Irish bars in Glasgow.”

James Nugent, Kitty’s manager.

“I would say we’re more of an American impression of how an Irish bar looks. Less stew and potatoes, more nachos and hotdogs.”

Kitty O’Shea’s promises the best of both worlds, live sports, live bands and all the craic of the Irish without having to worry about which side of the Glasgow divide you fit into.

Kitty O’Shea’s promises more than the quaint little Irish bar experience, with live music, (keeping the previous Pivo Pivo posse content), 11 craft beers all under the magical £4.00 pound mark, ensuring plenty of happy (and regular) customers.

The food, Glasgow Living is happy to announce, is fantastic, and the depth of the menu is something to behold, particular favourites were the chicken wings, popcorn chicken, Carolina hotdog, and for the spicy daredevil in the group, the Inferno burger.

The Carolina and Inferno are a very reasonable £5.50 pounds each, and the excellent sides range from £2-£5. Be warned however, the Inferno burger is incredibly spicy, only the fearless of heart should challenge its fiery nature.

How spicy we hear you ask?

The person who tried and failed to conquer the Inferno burger, regularly laughs in the face of Nando’s spiciest sauce and spiciest chicken.

Nothing has been left to chance in Kitty O’Shea’s with the toilets decor being designed to resemble a pint of Guinness, and with some booths resembling old confessional chambers, the interior and atmosphere is fantastic.

Kitty O’Shea’s in Waterloo Street, highly recommended.

Well that’s the cat firmly out the bag.