Glasgow, it’s only Grand National weekend, the one time a year where it’s acceptable, ‘neigh’ encouraged, to yell at a vertically challenged underweight man live on television, while he repeatedly strikes a horse with a whip.

Seems a bit strange when you put it like that. Anyway. Here are a few cocktail bars to toast your future success tonight or celebrate your winnings tomorrow.

Lebowsis – Finnieston


Dude, you must have tried Lebowskis, its got like more than 30 different flavours of White Russian on the menu, now obviously if you’re not too fond of a White Russian, then that might be a bit of a bummer, but there’s plenty of other cocktails on offer. A great place to spend your Grand National Weekend.

Sugar Dumplin – Princes Square

sugar dumplin

If you fancy a place to relax after the excitement/frustration of watching the Grand National, Sugar Dumplin in Princes Square, will be right up your avenue. One of a very few Caribbean themed bars in the city centre, Sugar Dumplin has a fantastic selection of Caribbean infused cocktails, from the Che Revolution to the Bob Marley. Each one will give you a little relaxing hint of the Caribbean, and if you’re picky…”Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, there’s more than 30 cocktails to choose from.

Metropolitan – Merchant Square


Arguably the Merchant Square’s most classy cocktail bar. Metropolitan is a fantastic place to spend your well earned winnings. Focussing on a more traditional style of cocktail bar, you’ll find the place all chandeliers and moody lighting. There’s a reason why Metropolitan has been recognised as one of Glasgow’s top cocktail bars for more than a decade. If you can’t find a cocktail you like, well then make your own, with the Metropolitan’s often mimicked never bettered “Challenge Your Bartender”.

Hillhead Bookclub – Vinicombe Road (Off Byres Road)


Well where to start with the BookClub, it sort of looks like a secret library where legendary racing pundit John McCririck, might hide his raunchy 19th century literature. The kind of place where horses unwind after they’ve jumped a few fences. “The Bookclub” also dishes out their cocktails in Gramophones. Why not pop in here after you’ve raced a few furlongs during the day.

Gin 71 – Renfield Street

Gin 71

Classic yet contemporary, Gin 71 is a gin lovers dream. No longer the drink of your granny or the spinster down the street with 9 cats and a doll she’s eerily connected with, Gin 71 is bringing sexy back. Take your pick from a selection of nearly 30 Gin based cocktails. If you’re a bit unsure about what gin goes where, the Gin71 staff can guide you on your first gin time experience. Don’t worry they’re very gentle.

Blue Dog – West George Street

Blue Dog

The Blue Dog is the dog’s bollocks of cocktail bars in Glasgow, the champions of champions drink in Blue Dog, you could consider Blue Dog the Red Rum of cocktail bars in the city. They’d prefer it if you didn’t lower the class of the place by turning up in your converse and chinos, a nice blazer perhaps. A tad pricey but when you think about it, can you really put a value on sophistication. (Best bring the credit card).

One Up – Royal Exchange Square

One Up

Often overlooked, One Up in Royal Exchange Square, is definitely one of the best purveyors of cocktails in the fine city of Glasgow. If you find yourself in Royal Exchange Square on a Friday, you can get a grandiose cocktail for the huge sum of three pounds. Don’t let the low price hinder your decision. You’re getting a professionally concocted cocktail for less than the price of a pint of Carling. You will not be disappointed.

October – Princes Square


The place to be seen, October is like the Winners Circle at the end of the Grand National, the best and beautiful like to wine and dine. If you’re celebrating a big win at tomorrow’s Grand National, there are definite worst places to toast your triumph. Who knows you might even meet a fine old filly to help you revel in your success. Definitely not a place to wear your Gio Goi T Shirt.