Wreck the hoose juice? A fruity fortified wine with topnotes of hilarity and destruction? Buckie? However you might choose to describe the legendary bevvie, it still probably won’t prepare you for the startlingly effective way that it takes hold of your common sense and makes you think that committing awful crimes and falling asleep, naked on top of the Duke of Wellington is a good idea. In saying that, most things are good for you in moderation, and if you fancy celebrating this nearly new holiday on Saturday 14th May 2016, then here are some super classy ways of mixing up your Bucky experience. Drink sensibly, folks!

1. Cook up a storm, Buckateers!

Image courtesy of Bloc+

Depending on your abilities in the kitchen, you can do a DIY job or get yourself down to Bloc+ for their delicious Buckfast ice-cream. Some of the recipes we’ve found so far include this Buckfast Beef Bourguignon (try pronouncing that one after a few bevvies), the Buckie Burger, and some Spiced Buckie Mushrooms for a boozy, veggie brunch.

2. Give Buckfast Mixology a Go

Black Tot Grog, courtesy of Buckfast.com recipes

If the big day turns out to be a bit of a chilly, taps oan bonanza, then we have it on good authority that a careful concoction of Mulled Buckfast is delicious. Otherwise, we are busy compiling the ingredients for a Black Tot Grog and Corpse Reviver No.4 because what could be more sensible than a cocktail that combines Buckfast with Absinthe? Variety is the spice of life, and this one even claims it’ll bring you back from the dead. Winning.

3. Stay oot the hoose so ye canny wreck it

If you want to celebrate, you certainly won’t be alone with 3.9k people attending this year’s celebrations, and counting. Glasgow has pretty much unofficially adopted the humble wine as its favourite drink, so there are lots of creative bars out there who have taken the time to concoct a special bucky blend that is sure to suit you. Why not try Lewbowski’s Gutterball, or head to Proud Mary’s on the big day  for their specially priced Young Team cocktail – a heady mix of Buckie, cherry liqueur and Irn Bru that will make this year’s Buckie Day one to (nope, definitely not) remember.


Stay classy, Glasgow!