My dad always told me never to do anything by halves except maybe pints and marathons (in that order) and Pancake Day is no different – I reckon if you’re eating pancakes for breakfast, elevenses, lunch and dinner then you are on to a good thing. However, even the seemingly endless topping combos (jam? lemon? sugar? all of the above?) of a good old Scotch pancake can get a bit much by the time 12 o’clock hits on Shrove Tuesday, so why not shake things up a bit and set yourself the challenge of pancakes from around the world? Glasgow has a few choice eateries which can cater for all sorts of exciting, multicultural pancakes, so check out our list and let’s all do our best to make every day like pancake day.

The Indian Dosa

A staple dish in the Southern Indian states, the dosa is usually made of rice batter and lentils and served with something exciting. Banana Leaf does an unbeatable curry, so their dosas are sure to be a great introduction to pancakes, Indian style. Best to plan ahead and wear stretchy trousers for this one – when you start eating Banana Leaf food it gets rather difficult to stop.

The American Stack

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Thick fluffy pancakes with butter, icing sugar, maple syrup AND there’s a gluten free option? Oh, go on then, TriBeCa. These fine purveyors of a stateside-style brunch in the West End will raise the pancake stakes this Shrove Tuesday. May be best to factor in time for a long walk in the park afterwards?

The French Crêpe

Having spent a year living in France, I like to think of myself as a bit of a crêxpert, and I believe that the wee van on Woodlands Road next to the Sainsbury service station have a very strong crêpe game. Otherwise known as Crêpe à Croissant, this eatery proves that good things come in small sizes, and the choice on offer includes everything from ‘terrific tikka’ to ‘chocolate cream dream’ and ‘ravishing ratatouille’. *drools*.

The Russian Blini

Perfect enjoyed with a well-spiced White Russian, the fabulous Café Cossachock advertise a ‘Cornucopia of Blinis’ – a thin, sweet or savoury pancake, of which it’s certain that a whole ‘cornucopia’ can only be a good thing. If you want to take your international pancake game to the next level, then give this authentic restaurant a go, and don’t forget to pay a visit to Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre upstairs (for more info – check out our recent culture article here).

Polish Naleśniki


Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the end of the international Pancake Day challenge and the wild card of the list. Naleśniki are Polish pancakes which I have sourced in Glasgow to a little-known restaurant near Kelvingrove, called U Jarka. It has no website, but the Facebook and TripAdvisor comments are very promising, mentioning ‘very good’ potato pancakes, and I can’t wait to get down there and try out some authentic Polish cuisine. Go forth and flip bravely, Glasgow!