Sushi fans in Glasgow may know the best places to go and eat sushi but what about where to make it…? Local company Mayuko’s Kitchen host Sushi Workshop’s where you can be taught by Japanese chef Mayuko how to make different styles of the delicious Japanese cuisine. GlasgowLiving went along to their fifth event to try it out…

picmonkey-collageThe workshop is held in a private area of Gesso, a trendy cafe at Charing Cross. We we handed an apron with a name badge and a drinks token on arrival and asked to pick a place at either of the two long tables. Places were set with a rolled up bamboo sushi mat and a set of chopsticks, as well as a wooden board each to present your sushi on.
Once the class quickly arrived and everyone claimed their drink, we were ready to start! We were handed blue food-prep gloves and we were each given a bowl of sushi rice and a bowl of fresh fish including tuna, salmon, king prawn, seabass sashimi and assorted vegetables. There were also mini dishes on the tables of garnish to make your sushi look pretty!

mayukoMayuko then kick-started the class with a short introduction and we met the rest of the team. There was another sushi chef who was at the opposite end of the room from Mayuko, so everyone had a clear view of what was going on. There were also two cheerful and very helpful assistants who handed out ingredients and kept rice and garnishes topped up throughout the class.

sushi-collageWe started off with three styles of Maki. First, Tuna Maki, sushi with the seaweed on the outside. Mayuko was very clear in giving instructions, moving around the class giving advice and helping out – thankfully! She gave out some very handy ‘tricks of the trade’ which you will find out when you go yourself..!

We then moved on to Salmon & Avocado Ura Maki, which has the filling and seaweed and the rice on the outside. I decided to be a bit fancy and scatter some of the tobiko (fish roe) on top! After this was the Futo Maki, similar to the first style but HUGE! Filled with crabstick, tamago (sweet omelette), kanpyo, tobiko, cucumber & spinach, this was slightly more difficult, but we mastered it!

Up next was the Nigiri style, which is long-shaped rice with topping. We made six pieces of this, topped with salmon, tuna, seabass, king prawn, seaweed and inari (tofu). After this was the most difficult of all… the Temakis! Otherwise known as a ‘handroll’, I struggled with this one! It started off fine, but making it into a cone shape was hard, until Mayuko thankfully saved me!

img_4865After the class was finished, we got our photograph taken with our beautiful sushi platter! We were then given the option to sit down in Gesso or take it away.

Overall, this was a really fun and informative class, the instructions were very clear and the ingredients were of a very high quality. There were no moments during the class where we were bored or waiting around, everything was well organised and efficient. For £29.50, your ticket includes entry to class, a glass of wine or coffee and you can also keep your sushi mat and chopsticks, in my opinion very good value for money. There are gift vouchers also available which would make a perfect birthday or Christmas present.

For more information check out Mayuko’s Kitchen’s website or Facebook page to find out about future events.