With the summer fast approaching Glasgow, you no longer have to eat as if you’re preparing to hibernate.

Here are 10 healthy eating restaurants to try  April 2015.

Social Bite, St Vincent Street


Not simply content with wooing “Gorgeous” George Clooney, Social Bite has only gone and landed a coveted spot on GlasgowLiving’s top healthy eating for April. Promising customers a Michelin star chef prepared health conscious meal. Social Bite also promises customers a social conscience as well. 1 in 4 of their employees are formerly homeless and they provide daily meals to the homeless of Glasgow

Catch Fish and Chips, Giffnock


You usually wouldn’t expect to find fish and chips in a healthy eating list but Catch prides itself on subverting expectations. With everything on the menu cooked to order and chips peeled on the day, Catch Fish and Chips will only serve you the freshest and healthiest of ingredients. With a brilliant menu ranging from lobster to black pudding. Catch cooks every item twice in rapeseed oil.(Which is then recycled.) and the fish is sourced from sustainable means and only from Scottish waters.

Rogano, Royal Exchange Square


Glasgow’s longest serving restaurant, and one of Scotland’s most prestigious. More than 75 years old and still serving only the finest fish straight from Scottish waters. Health wise, it has been confirmed that ensuring fish is a staple part of your diet can lower ylur chances of developing degenerative brain diseases. A guarantee of chefs with an ocean worth of knowledge, as well as a 75 year Rogano guarantee of quality food.

The 78 cafe bar, Kelvinhaugh Street

the 78

A vegetarian and vegans dream, situated in Glasgow’s West End, the entire menu is suitable for the meat and dairy free members of our society. Prices for the majority of items on the menu, range from about £3-£7 and at the weekend there is a special breakfast for a reasonable £8. Burgers, wraps, salads or garlic bread, the menu provides to all tastes and at the same time accommodates to the needs of vegetarians and vegans everywhere.

13th Note, King Street

13th note

Where to begin with 13th note? Best described as a socially conscious, vegan friendly, music, art and comedy performance venue. Trip Advisor awarded Certificate of Excellence. Pretty much bands playing 7 nights a week, countless meals available for vegans and vegetarians, kid friendly til 6:30 and open 12 til 12 every night. 13th Note is everything great about Glasgow rolled into a ball.

Stereo, Renfield Lane


Open since 2007 Stereo could be considered the 13th Notes more hardcore cousin. Open til three at the weekends, majority of Stereo’s menu is vegetarian & vegan friendly, great weekend atmosphere, however if you’re used to a clubbing atmosphere, Fri Sat Sun, could be a shock to the system. Plenty of Tapas on offer, hummus, cheese free pizza etc, slim pickings available for the meat eaters. Gluten free food is available as well.

Jules Cafe, Argyle Street


Undergone a quiet refurb, Jules on Argyle Street will be a soup lovers dream, offering variety of freshly made soups daily plus a standard lentil and ham. Socially conscious as well, all food is prepared each day and anything unsold is taken to Glasgow City Mission to feed the city’s homeless. The menu ranges from fresh salad, baked potatoes, paninis, fresh baguettes and plenty of other freshly made and healthy options. Great prices as well.

Naked Soup, Kersland Street


Naked Soup in the West End, is a family run sandwich cafe, that can provide you with a lunch for under the magical £5 pounds mark.

Specialising in freshly made soup. (There are an unbelievable 57 choices on the menu.) Naked Soup will have three of the choices available at any time, and if you have a particular favourite you can request it and pick it up at your preferred time. Naked Soup also offers pancakes, casserole and freshly prepared sandwiches. As well as an ice cream milkshake. (For those with a sweet tooth.)

Martha’s, St Vincent Street


Martha’s provides quality, for every type of foodie. Vegans, vegetarians and carnivores all welcome.

With a menu highlighting the health benefits of each item on the menu, e.g slow burner, meaning balanced protein and good carbs, or Kale, fish and other items being referred to as hero ingredients because of their “superfood” health qualities. Martha’s provides more than high quality food, but excellent nutritional information.

Really wonderful, very simple to understand, and a very reasonably priced menu. Martha’s proves that eating healthily in Glasgow doesn’t have to leave you with a massive hole in your pocket, but promises to fill that massive hole in your belly.

Sapporro Teppanyaki, Ingram Street


There’s a simple reason why Japanese men and women outlive almost every other culture in the world. (Seriously, Japanese women on average are the longest living race in the entire world.) Their healthy diet, focussing mainly on fish, rice and vegetables they have now adapted to include more of Western culture style dishes. Sapporro on Ingram Street provides the best of both worlds. Food is cooked directly in front of you and only when requested, guaranteeing only the freshest food straight to your plate.

Have we left any of your favourites off the list Glasgow? Why not check out our previous healthy eating article to see if they made our January edition.