Whether you are a committed vegetarian, a part-timer or just so hungover that you fancy something a bit light and healthy, check out our pick of restaurants who have put together a delectable veggie menu – and their popularity is confirmed by the instagrammers so you know it’s legit! It’s always nice to be offered something a little more exciting than vegetable lasagne, and these ones have put in the effort to make sure you are spoilt for choice for once.

1. Saramago Café

As well as delicious vegan food, the surroundings are gorgeous and alone are worth the visit. Located in the CCA, this super cool café delivers big, flavoursome portions and you can get a culture hit after your bellies are full by visiting the gallery and cinema, too.

 2. Mono Café Bar


How. Delicious. Is. That? Mono has a special place in my heart due to the wonderful Monorail music being tucked away in the corner. Vegan food, great music, and vinyl shopping. Sign me up.

3. The 78

Amazing dinner @the78cafebar with @loz_mcb #burger #vegan #dinner #chips

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There is a recurring theme in Glasgow of great vegan/veggie food with a veritable musical background, and the 78 is another great shout for fancy food and musical delights. Have you ever seen such an impressive vegan burger?

4. The Hug and Pint

Tasting session. It's a tough job sometimes.

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Vegan, Asian-inspired food and a documented commitment to tastings and menu revamps (well, someone has to do it) mean that The Hug and Pint have created the winning formula for a great vegan restaurant. They recently made it onto ‘Scotland’s Best Restaurants‘ list too, so don’t just take our word for it.

5. Stereo

What’s better than a plate of tasty vegan food, I hear you ask? Several plates of vegan food, of course! In my experience, vegetarianism is great for indecisive people because it limits the time agonising over menus. Stereo offer a tapas style menu so you can just order a bit of everything – perfect for those who get serious food FOMO.


Did we miss any out? Please share your fav veggie destinations with us for the next update!