Everybody loves a vodka, the most popular spirit consumed worldwide, it nevertheless gets bad press (arguably because of the amount drank per sitting) but Glasgow offers a variety of vodka tastes and flavours proving you don’t only need to drink vodka to get drunk.

GlasgowLiving brings you the Top 5 Tastes of Vodka in Glasgow.

Vodka Wodka


Glasgow’s most popular Vodka by a square mile, Vodka Wodka is definitely a Ruskie at heart, offering 70 different varieties of vodka, the Ashton Lane situated bar and a smorgasbord of different walks of life venture across the Wodka threshold. Not too long ago, Vodka Wodka boasted 100 different varieties of vodka, the number on offer is still pretty impressive.

(Vodka) Revolution


Previously known as Vodka Revolution, “Vodka Rev” but now simply known as “Revolution” we suspect to fit in with the cool kids, (whose time is apparently so precious they don’t have time for nouns.) An excellent bar to spend a night in or to pop into before heading onto Bath Street or West Regent Street. Plenty of cocktails on offer and vodka from eight different countries stretching to the four corners of the globe. Reassurance that you wont just be knocking back “high quality” Glens or Vodkat. With 30 different flavours of Vodka on offer, ranging from ice cream to jelly baby via some more extreme flavours (pepper, liquorice bomb). Revolution certainly brings the vodka revolution to the masses.

Baltic Ice Bar

Baltic ice Bar

Not exactly a vodka bar per se, but there’s nowhere else in Glasgow where you can enjoy an ice cold vodka (literally ice cold, your glass is made of ice, the bar is made of ice, the walls are made of ice even the seats are made of ice. With the temperature set at a permanently “breezy” -5 degrees. Baltic Ice Bar stipulates that you wear a “snug” jacket to defend yourself against the cold (Are they not aware Scots are immune to the cold, anything above -10 is a balmy summer’s day.) Anyway, Glasgow’s only ice bar, and definitely the only bar where your vodka is served at -5 degrees.

Bar Soba

Bar Soba west

Bar Soba offers a little taste of the Orient without having to travel half way around the world, with three premises in Glasgow, you’re never too far away from grabbing a drink in Soba. Only serving the highest quality vodka, and also a wide variety of drinks, means that your taste of the Orient will always be refreshing.

Max’s Bar


Fancy a hair of the dog? What about a hair of the dog raised in the fires of Hell? Max’s offers the Bloody Mary/Bas**** containing extra hot chilli vodka. Taking the “cure or kill” metaphor to literal extremities Max’s Bar offers the most ferocious sounding hair of the dog arguably in existence, (we’ve not tried it yet, we’re afraid.) Have you the bravery to conquer their Bloody Mary?