“Rollin down the street, smokin’ indo sippin’ on gin and juice. Laid back, with mind on my money and my money on my mind.” Sung Snoop Dogg in the infamous 1993 West Coast track, “Gin and Juice”.

We really don’t recommend rolling down Bath Street while ‘sipping’ on gin and juice or can even pretend to have an inkling of what smoking ‘indo’ would entail, but we’re sure it would do us no good whatsoever.

We’ll stick to what we do best Glasgow and provide you with a selection of specialist gin bars for you to try, (without the car and probably best chuck the ‘indo’ out the window.)

P.S. Did you know that 70% of the UK’s gin, varieties such as Eden Mill is bottled in Scotland?

6. Distill (formerly Ivy), Finnieston


The bar formerly known as the Ivy (Until a London premises took umbrage at sharing similar monikers and ordered the name change.) Distill, apart from in the name, hasn’t changed. Offering pretty hardy gin based cocktails and a decent variety of gins behind the bar, if you’re a fan of the drink formerly known as “Mother’s Ruin” you should give Distill a try.

5. The Scullery Bar, Claremont St


Only officially opening their doors in September, The Scullery Bar has become a thriving bar/restaurant in the west end, successfully bridging the gap between fine and casual dining (think high class lobster plus chips type of meal). The Scullery also prides itself on offering specialist gins for customers. A unique and fine addition to the bustling Finnieston cuisine industry.

4. Finnieston Bar, Argyle St


Another restaurant success story in the bustling Finnieston area of the city. The Finnieston Bar specialises in seafood and gin based cocktails. The cocktail menu is changed seasonally and the fish sourced locally in Scotland. With the cocktails being heavily gin based, lovers of the potent and distinctive alcohol delicacy will not be disappointed.

3. Tabac, Mitchell Lane


Originally Bar 10, Glasgow’s original style bar, newly opened Tabac provides Glasgow with some fresh gin-and-craft-beer delights. Does decent food too. Hidden down Mitchell Lane, it’s well worth a visit.

2. Alston Bar and Beef, Gordon St


One of the major success stories of the gin revolution. Alston Gin Bar and Beef specialises in you guessed it gin and beef. However Alston has a very special USP. The restaurant is built on the ruins of Grahamston. A town that made way for the creation of Glasgow Central Station more than 100 years ago. Boasting 50 varieties of gin, many distilled and bottled in Scotland, Alston Bar and Beef is a gin lovers dream.

1. Gin 71, Renfield St

Gin 71

Glasgow’s very first gin based bar. During daytime hours Gin 71 is known as Cup Tea Lounge, however it’s at night the bar truly sparkles alive. Boasting 71 different varieties of gin. Situated on 71 Renfield St and built in 1890, Gin 71 is one of the finest bars in Glasgow. A little Brucie Bonus for all gin aficionados out there. Doubles are served as standard in Gin 71.

Well there you have it Glasgow, 6 of the best gin based bars in Glasgow, have we missed any off the list? Let us know below.

Editor’s Note: Article revised 15/04/2015, previous article included incorrect photograph for The Scullery and details of Bar 10, which has now closed and renamed Tabac under new management.