Glasgow, why does eating healthily have to be such a miserable experience?

Healthy eating should be enjoyed not endured.

Glasgow Living is here to prove that eating healthily doesn’t have to result in eating four tasteless twigs, a poisonous berry and claiming it was not only filling but delicious.

Here are seven healthy eateries to try at lunchtime.

7. Cafe Pop – Great Western Road

Cafe Pop

An undiscovered gem on Great Western Road, once you Cafe Pop you’ll never stop.

The first thing you’ll notice is the decor, and a picture of 60’s icon Twiggy adorning the wall.

The second thing you’ll notice is the brilliant prices for lunch. On average £5 for meat eaters and for vegetarians £4.80, considering modern day lunch prices, seems pretty impressive.

There is also a sandwich menu offering hearty sandwiches from £3.00 to £3.80 or forgoing bread you can concoct your own salad. With chicken, beef and pork available for the carnivores, you cannot go wrong with this delicious little sandwich shop.

6. Pret a Manger – Sauchiehall Streetpret a mager

Although relatively busy at lunchtime, upon tucking into your meal, you’ll forget the queue ever existed in Pret A Manger.

Initially created in London, 1985, Pret A Manger focussed on creating fantastic sandwiches, free of the packaged repetitive sandwiches you might find in a supermarket. Chemical free, additives free and preservatives free, Pret A Manger was determined to stand out.

Swearing by organic and free range ingredients in their sandwiches, Pret a Manger’s menu will only supply the highest and freshest quality of food in their menu.

With a menu consisting of such high quality superfoods as avocado, kale, spinach, humous and broccoli. Your “New Year, New You”, health kick will live to fight another day, following your visit to Pret A Manger.

5. Yo Sushi – House of Fraser, Buchanan Street 


With three premises in Glasgow, Yo Sushi has quickly became one of the city’s most popular sushi restaurants.

With opening hours slotting perfectly into lunchtime, Yo Sushi provides a service that is hard to find in Glasgow. You sushi also offers the option of phoning up and taking away your order.

For non fish lovers, Yo Sushi also supplies an excellent menu, serving more than 80 Japanese inspired dishes.

With fresh food delivered daily, customers are guaranteed only the freshest ingredients.

4. Naked Soup – Kersland Streetnaked soup

Naked Soup in the West End, is a family run sandwich cafe, that can provide you with a lunch for under the magical £5 pounds mark.

Specialising in freshly made soup. (There are an unbelievable 57 choices on the menu.) Naked Soup will have three of the choices available at any time, and if you have a particular favourite you can request it and pick it up at your preferred time.

Naked Soup also offer pancakes, casserole and freshly prepared sandwiches as well as an ice cream milkshake.(For those with a sweet tooth.)

3. 78 Bar – Kelvinhaugh Street

78 burger

A vegetarian and vegans dream, situated in Glasgow’s West End, the entire menu is suitable for the meat and dairy free members of our society.

Prices for the majority of items on the menu, range from about £3-£7 and at the weekend there is a special breakfast for a reasonable £8.

Burgers, wraps, salads or garlic bread, the menu provides to all tastes and at the same time accommodates to the needs of vegetarians and vegans everywhere.

2. Lola and Livvy’s – Argyle Street

lola and livvy

With an average score of 4/5 on Trip Advisor, Lola and Livvy’s on Argyle Street proves that you don’t need to purchase lunch in expensive eateries to eat healthily.

Somewhat of a health haven as it’s surrounded by Union Street’s pizza’s, burgers and deep fried chicken (Lola and Livvy’s sits just under the Hielanman’s Umbrella.

Promising only the freshest pasta’s, homemade vegetable soups and market fresh chicken, Lola and Livvy’s has a great range of food on the menu and also excellent value for money.

Prices are very reasonable with an entire lunch costing around £8. Lola and Livvy’s won’t hesitate to change small items on the menu to provide to your exact tastes. Quaint comfortable and very attentive. Lovely.

1. Martha’s – St Vincent’s Street

martha's glasgow

Martha’s provides quality, for all, with vegan friendly, vegetarian and carnivores all welcome.

Their menu supplies information in relation to the health benefits of each item on the menu, e.g slow burner, meaning balanced protein and good carbs, or Kale, fish and other items being referred to as hero ingredients because of their “superfood” health qualities.

Really wonderful, very simple to understand, and a very reasonably priced menu. Martha’s and our six other eateries proves that eating healthily in Glasgow wont leave you with a massive hole in your pocket. They will however fill that hole in your belly.