Glasgow has a fantastic independent coffee house scene, coffee shops have become more than places to queue, receive your coffee and go. Coffee has become an art form, barista’s have become as fashionable and as well respected as a professional mixologist in Glasgow’s top bars.

Glasgow Living has collated a list of five of the best independent coffee shops in Glasgow, striving away from the conveyor belt mentality of some of the larger chains.

Independent coffee shops can offer something that many of the larger chains will struggle to provide, intimacy, reassurance and a place to relax.

7. Hyndland Cafe – Clarence Road


A local family run business, the Hyndland Cafe, is everything great about Glasgow’s booming West End. Focussing as much on customer satisfaction as well as their smashing cup of coffee, Hyndland Cafe has stood in the heart of Hyndland for nigh on 100 years.

As popular for its cakes as it is for its brilliant coffee, Hyndland Cafe prides itself on returning customers, and its family friendly atmosphere. It’s said that customers who taste the mars bar cake once, are psychically drawn back each time a new batch is baked.

You should definitely take a wander across to Hyndland Cafe, you won’t be disappointed.

6. Avenue Coffee – Byres Road

avenue coffee

Avenue Coffee is hugely deserved of a place on our independent coffee list. With baristas knowledgeable enough to guide your through the somewhat daunting process of choosing an actual coffee you’ll enjoy, Avenue Coffee, will ensure you’re five minute coffee break, is five minutes well spent.

Boasting Fair Trade coffee from the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn Avenue Coffee only roast beans from more delicate Aribaca, which grow at a higher altitude than the bitter Robusta beans.

A taste of South America in Byres Road, sounds delicious.

5. Coffee, Chocolate & Tea – Argyle Street

cc and tea

Reaching the lofty heights of no 2, Coffee, Chocolate and Tea was very nearly no 1 on our list. As it is easily one of the best independent coffee shops in Glasgow.

From its easy to reach premises on Argyll Street, to its fantastic quality of coffee. Coffee, Chocolate and Tea stands out from the competitive independent coffee shop industry.

With coffee beans roasted regularly in store, Coffee, Chocolate, and Tea offers the freshest flavours from across the world, and with a signature espresso blend exclusive to Coffee, Chocolate and Tea, they can offer a distinctive taste like nowhere else in Glasgow.

Customers visiting Coffee, Chocolate and Tea can also purchase a variety of the coffee from their in-house menu or join their subscription membership and receive 250g of coffee per month.

4. Riverhill – Gordon Street


Situated between Glasgow Central Station and one of Glasgow’s busiest streets, Buchannan Street, snugly sits Riverhill Coffee Bar. Although a little smaller than some of the other coffee shops on our list, what Riverhill Coffee Bar lacks in size it makes up for in character.

Much credit to Riverhill Coffee, it must be a pain, constantly competing against one of the other entrants on our coffee list. Gordon Street Coffee.

Riverhill Coffee Bar makes an excellent coffee, strong and true. The food is fantastic and plentiful, however the sandwiches are a little on the pricey side (£4.50 per sandwich).

Regularly bustling, Riverhill Coffee Bar due to its small dimensions, can’t offer more than a stool to sit on and enjoy your coffee, this can sometimes lead to a little discomfort and the dreaded numb bum.

Worth popping into if, you’ve got a spare 10 minutes and its only two seconds away from Glasgow Central Station.

3. Artisan Roast – Gibson Street

Artisan Roast

The coffee lovers, coffee shop, best enjoyed with time on your hands. Roasted in Edinburgh daily, Artisan Roast is driven along the M8 right into the hearts of all the West Enders who visit the coffee shop.

Proud to be at the forefront of coffee culture Artisan Roast, consider going for a coffee to be more than just a means to a cause. Artisan consider coffee roasting to be an artform, more than simply hammering your mug of coffee to gain energy enabling you to survive in the world.

Artisan Roast are hoping to revitalise people’s enjoyment of a cup of coffee, a place where coffee is more than just a thirty second decision and drink.

Only the best trained baristas and the highest quality coffee machines ensure than although you may pay a few pence more for your coffee, you’re guaranteed a great coffee. After all can you really put a price on taste or pleasure?

2. Gordon Street Coffee – Gordon Street

Gordon Street Coffee

Situated in the heart of one of Britain’s busiest train stations Gordon Street Station, is a little rest and respite in the frantic moving world of Glasgow Central Station.

Sitting at the Gordon Street entrance to Glasgow Central Station (hence the name) it is surprisingly easy to overlook the coffee shop, constant stream of commuters marching in and out of the train station.

Gordon Street Coffee was the very first coffee shop in Glasgow to roast its own coffee in store and with coffee beans unique to the premises, you are guaranteed a fresh cup of coffee that tastes like no other in the world.

Reviews on Trip Advisor have said. “Even at six in the morning, the coffee is better than any you would find at Costa, they make my morning starts much more enjoyable.”

Gordon Street Coffee’s signature “Glasgow Roast” contains coffee beans from India, Kenya, Brazil and Guatemala. Using a combination of the four beans, gives the coffee shop the ability to rise above any other competitors in the city centre.

In the short few months since opening, the popular coffee shop, has managed to secure top spot of the independent coffee house market in Glasgow. Guaranteeing a fantastic cup of coffee, an excellent choice of menu and vastly knowledgeable barista’s.

Gordon Street Coffee sits comfortably in one of the prime business locations in the city. Prices are very reasonable, all food is prepared on site and currently if you download the Gordon Street Coffee app, you’re given your first coffee free.

Once you find this hidden gem, you’ll never wish to go anywhere else.

1. Laboratorio Espresso – West Nile Street


Bold and exciting, Laboratorio Espresso is a highlight of West Nile Street, with almost every review on Yelp and Trip Advisor being five stars, the premises on West Nile Street offers the best range of coffee in the city centre. Drawing inspiration from Italian coffee culture, Laboratorio Espresso is bringing a little coffee class onto West Nile Street.

Arguably the best atmosphere, and definitely most modern and trendy premises helps Laboratorio Espresso rise to the top of the independent coffee trade in the city centre.

Offering Italian ice cream, Italian cakes and a general all round Italian feel makes the relatively new West Nile Street venue a fine addition to the burgeoning independent Glasgow coffee scene.