With GlasgowLiving now on our third edition of our Top 8 steaks. let’s call it our “threequel”. We’ve decided to throw the rule books out and mix things up. No longer will our restaurants be in order of merit, but instead will have earned a spot on our leaderboard. You must try each of the eight on our list.

Probably best not to try all eight in the one day, or if you do, please, please, send us all photographic evidence.

Anyway, Here Are 8 of Glasgow’s Top Steak Restaurants September 2015.

8. Alston Bar & Grill – Central Station


Third appearance for Alston and another high showing for the restaurant in the village that never was.

Situated on top of Grahamston, a village demolished 100 years ago to make way for the creation of Glasgow Central Station. The dramatic settings are only equalled by the quality of the steak on offer, with a wide variety of menus to choose from, Alston offers high end and more expensive cuisine alongside the more modest of menus.

Everyone can experience dining in the most extravagant of Glasgow restaurants. N.B Cocktails are heavily gin based.

7. Butchershop


Glasgow’s best steak bar, and still undeniably reigning number 1. Directly facing Kelvingrove museum, Butchershop Bar and Grill, offers the finest selection of steaks in Glasgow. The Butchershop menu has a diagram of a cow as its front cover on the menu. This cover allows the waiters and waitresses to show you exactly where on the cattle your chosen steak has being cut from.

Although at times Butchershop Bar and Grill can be slightly expensive, the quality you experience and the expertise provided by all levels of staff will leave you feeling as if you’ve received value for money, each bite tasting more succulent than the last.

6. Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill – Waterloo Street


Another newcomer on our list but quickly gaining a reputation in Glasgow for quality dining at pretty reasonable prices, The Ingot Hotel based Steakhouse is specifically tailored to the tastes of the original enfant’ terrible of the cheffing industry Marco Pierre White. A restaurant with the quality guarantee of a 3 star Michelin Award winning chef.

5. Meat Bar – West Regent Street

meat bar

Although much more than simply a steak joint, Meat on Glasgow’s West Regent Street offers 40 day aged MacDuff beef from the Glens of Scotland. With emphasis on steak cuts of the day and chef specials, Meat in West Regent Street will provide you with one of the finest cuts of meat in the city. (Not to mention a funky fantastic, selection of drinks and cocktails.)

Prices are also on the friendly side, so Meat could be the beginnings of your night rather than the entirety of it.

4. Grill Room @ The Square – Royal Exchange

grill room

Sitting looking onto Glasgow’s Royal Exchange Square, The Grill at the Square promises dining in the heart of Glasgow’s modern day Renaissance. Boasting the luxury cuisine of a private members club without the extortionate fee and obligation of being an actual member. Grill at the Square is fine dining in Glasgow at its best.

3. The Anchor Line – St Vincent’s Street

anchor line steak

A new entry onto our list and a fine purveyor of meat inspired dishes. One of the best restaurants/bars in Glasgow. The Anchor Line on St Vincent’s St guarantees a 21 day maturity on the bone before reaching your plate. The high quality restaurant also offers Chateaubriand, (sharing steak) with potatoes and sauce of your choice.

2. Steak & Cherry – Sauchiehall St

steak and cherry

Another new edition to the GlasgowLiving list, but nevertheless a justified entrant. Steak & Cherry as the title might insinuate specialise in serving high quality steak. In all fairness a welcome and much needed venue for the bar and nightclub heavy Sauchiehall Street area. A previous favourite for the Glaswegian carnivore, it was only an accidental fire in 2011 that resulted in the restaurant being forced to close its doors. With steaks cooked to perfection, if you never managed to try Steak & Cherry before the fire of 2011 ensure you take up the opportunity in 2015.

1. Bowery Bar & Restaurant – Queen StreetBowery

With ratings of between four and five stars, on Trip Advisor, and recently having underwent a £150,000 makeover, Bowery Bar and Restaurant has earned a place on our top eight list. Offering a slice of Americana directly on your plate, Bowery can offer even the lightest of eaters with a quality steak based meal. Replacing the Independent Bar & Grill, Bowery is certainly winning over the city’s steak fans with its wide range of meals, cooked perfectly to individual palates. Bowery is certainly worth a visit.