Three cheers for Trading House on St Vincent’s Place in the City Centre. It is not, GlasgowLiving will repeat, it is not a burger bar. The war is over, millions of lives have been saved. Glasgow can safely return to normal cuisine dining.

Trading House announced themselves to the people of Glasgow in spectacular style. Wining and dining the GlasgowLiving team, we were whisked around Glasgow in a horse drawn carriage while basking in a glorious (but pretty unusual) autumnal mini heatwave.

Upon reaching our destination, which are the former offices of the Evening Citizen Newspaper we were instantly presented with champagne glasses of Prosecco. For first impressions, Trading House certainly wowed all and sundry, especially as we passed a citizen packed, sunkissed George Square.

GlasgowLiving regally waving to the delighted George Square patrons, who we obviously presumed were waiting to catch a glimpse of our elusive team.

With a shoe bufferer awaiting at Trading House’s front door and a guitarist serenading guests as they crossed the threshold, the St Vincent’s Street restaurant had really pulled out all the stops.

But what about the food, would the alluring premise and the grand gestures simply be an attempt to divert attention away from the most important factor of any restaurant.

Gosh golly no. The food was sublime, and the rapport between the staff was unsurpassed by many of the other restaurants we’ve visited in the city.

IMG_3561 (1)
9oz Ribeye, Wow.

Orders were taken without a hitch, service was as smooth as the silver tongued staff themselves, and the restaurant seemed to be running as if open for years. Trading House really seemed to be the real deal.

Chicken, Liver and Rum Pate was unlike anything we’ve ever tasted before, our 9oz Ribeye with garlic butter was cooked to perfection, and even our strawberry and marshmallow kebab, although somewhat peculiar, was a delight to the palate.

Strawberry & Marshmallow Kebab

Trading House’s cocktail list is also worth having a gander at. providing a service for guests who are perhaps just popping in for a quick drink.

Peach and Pineapple Mojito & Raspberry Amaretto Sour.

With Trading House providing for both, guests who are looking for a wide variety menu, and sumptuous meals cooked to perfection whilst at the same time offering the casual cocktail connoisseur an elegant and well crafted designer drink. Trading House is certainly cornering a substantial section of Glasgow’s dining and drinking industry.

Trading House has a hell of a lot of potential and a hugely impressive menu. Excellent food, cocktails mouthwatering and service outstanding, if they can fulfil their potential and continue with their excellent level of standards. Glasgow might just have a brand new quality dining experience.