Taking the world by storm (especially in the States) Juicing has firmly planted itself on this side of the Atlantic. With premises popping up almost daily. Juicing is guaranteed to be the new health trend this summer.

Things to do in Glasgow? Juicing will be high up the list.

Here are six of the best juicing/smoothie premises in Glasgow to get your health kick on…

Juice Garden (Renfield Street, Byres Road)

Juice Garden

We kind of cheated here because there are a few Juice Garden premises, but it’s our article so we can do that. We love Juice Garden, although I’m sure Doctor Who fans (Whovians) who also enjoy a spot of juicing will be torn after Juice Garden painted Buchanan Street’s Tardis a ripe coloured green.

Superjuice (Byres Road)

Juicing in Glasgow

By jove these Byres Road folk are healthy. Superjuice open since 2008, has a pretty substantial menu, and can cater for all your juicing needs. Fruit smoothies, frozen smoothies, fruit yogurt drinks. Needing a pick me up or a hangover cure? You can’t go far wrong with Superjuice.

All About Juice (Dumbarton Road)

All About Juice

Less a pop in juice shop and more of a detox and get your mind body and soul back on track. Dumbarton Road (West End again) premises offers both delivery and pick up. the West End healthy eating premises promises to revitalise your wellbeing by making it All About Juice.

Fuel Juice Bar (Buchanan Galleries)


With premises in the above mentioned Buchanan Galleries, Silverburn and Braehead, shopping in Glasgow has never been juicier (sorry). It’s all about the name, Fuel gives you exactly that. The strength and energy to get through a days worth of shopping. You can thank us later.


Boost Juice Bar (Braehead)


Originating in sunny Australia, Boost Juice Bar explains what their all about, more succinctly that we could ever. A juice bar is similar to a coffee shop, except y’no for juice. Brilliant. Low fat, Fruit, Juices, and Boosters are just some of the variety of healthy drinks on offer.

Jelly Bear & Healthy Bear (Ingram Street)


With Healthy Bear you definitely run the gauntlet, offering both smoothies and juices they also offer a huge selection of desserts. Will power and self control will be required to survive the health kick. Mainly smoothie orientated, Healthy Bear can still start you off on the right healthy direction