Glasgow is a student orientated city. Three universities, countless colleges in the city and even more in the surrounding towns and areas. It’s no wonder Glasgow welcomes 45,000 students annually to study.

Ask any student however, what do you remember most about student life in Glasgow? Their answer? Life skills? Intellectual stimulation? The hot older lecturers? (well maybe), but more often than not…The nightlife and the parties.

How many do you recognise Glasgow?

11. Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here

The Ark

The Ark, QMU or Strathclyde (Strathy) Union at lunchtime was a legitimate reason to neglect an afternoon class. It would be a common sight to see lecturers from surrounding colleges (Met, Commerce) march over to The Ark, apprehend galavanting students and frogmarch them back to the lecture. Especially, if more than half the entire class were unaccounted for.

10. Sign Your Life Away


Signing your non student friends into QMU or Strathy Union, after suffering months of “job dodger” type abuse from them. Revelling in their schadenfreude as their heart sinks walking across the threshold and they slowly realise student life is booze, music, hormones, an occasional lecture and very little else.

9. Authoritative Discord


Any self respecting student will have partied at either Buchanan (Buckie) View, Caledonian (Cale) Courts or any one of the numerous accommodations surrounding Strathclyde Uni. Many of you will also be an agreement about the policy of hiring security guards, so outrageously overzealous they make Robert Patrick in Terminator 2 appear hospitable. I mean throwing a fridge out the window of the 13th floor? Harmless fun, surely.

8. Financially Inebriated


(Whisper it) 79p drinks at Driftwood. (Probably illegal now.)

7. Transport Trepidation


Getting swept up in the hi-jinks of class night out and consequently missed the last train/bus out of Saigon, (City Centre). You faced the very real danger of sitting in a bus stop until 5:30am, with class at 9, being serenaded by the weird shoeless people of Glasgow’s netherworld. Even worse if you run for the bus and just miss it. People.Will.Laugh

6. Octo Wednesdays


Being removed from the bouncy castle for sneaking on with a drink, ball pools, jelly ring wedding chapel, swimming pool. Frighteningly fun, For one night a week the Arches tossed aside its cool shades, “voddie” RedBull, nonchalant Deep House head nod, and wholeheartedly embraced student culture.

5. The Unfresh Fresher

Hungover students

On day one of the new term, ask a fresher his thoughts of experiencing the biggest student nightlife outside of London and the reaction will be the same, exponentially ecstatic. Ask them again three weeks later, when their skin is a clammy grey colour, are sleep deprived, seriously lacking in vitamins and haven’t yet attended a class. Don’t expect the same answer.

4. 3 til 3 & 12pm til 6am


It would not be uncommon to see toga wearing students dressed as citizens of Ancient Rome, stepping tentatively out of the Union after 18 hours without natural light. Equivalent to prisoners granted freedom after 18 years incarcerated.

3. Razzes to the RSAMD (R.C.S)


The faux contempt shown to Glasgow School of Art & RSAMD students. “Oh you’re going to paint the inner turmoil of a soul trapped between the realms of heaven and hell, using only colours associated with your childhood? Sucks to be you! We get to go learn about EU Free Trade Policy 1994-1999, and the economical implications for smaller EU nations. Boom.

2. Social Necropolis


Perhaps a bit more obscure (and a great deal more morbid) but it wasn’t uncommon to start your night in the Necropolis in the East End of the city. Highly exciting to begin with, although, as the night progressed and the daylight waned, a very real eeriness descended upon the hallowed turf, conversations dried up, swift exits were made toward the city centre and safety.

1. Gunslinging Matriculator


The wonders of a student card, at the beginning of the year, meekly retrieving it from your pocket, upon being asked at a till. But Glasgow has a massive student contingency and they grew in confidence, by the end of the semester the card was pulled from the pocket like a gunslinger at high noon. Much to the aggrievance of the store assistant/bar staff, working three times as hard, paying three times as much and having 3% percent as much fun.

So Glasgow tell us what you think below? What memories do you have of being a student in Glasgow?