Growing up in Glasgow was quite the upbringing, each day would bring a new challenge and a new achievement. But at the same time you quickly learned the city could be an unforgiving place.

15 Certainties You Learned Growing up in Glasgow.

Skag Trendy

The heroin addicts surrounding the local shops were probably not “borrowing 20p for the phonebox”.

Lunchtime Chippy

pizza crunch

Pizza crunch, chips, (+curry sauce) Irn Bru, and a Mars bar was almost certainly, Michelin star based cuisine.


66 Bus

The 66 or 31 bus could pretty much take you anywhere on earth if you stayed on it long enough.

Strathclyde Buses

Strathclyde Buses

You can remember Strathclyde Buses being orange, and during the summer taking you to Ayr or Saltcoats for the day.

Old Firm Firestorm

Tom Boyd

Old Firm Days, the city stopped and became a frightening place, the stadium became a scary place, akin to how you imagine the Battle of Culloden if they had used a football instead of big jaggy swords.

Tartan Army

Scotland Brazil

You can actually remember Scotland qualifying for anything.

Trainer Turmoil

Nike Air Max

You really, really, really wanted a pair of Nike Air Max, but were told we’re not made of money.

Berghaus & Helly Hanson


You were very weary of teenagers who wore Berghaus or Helly Hanson jackets.

Bam Hats

All bam hats were curled and were splat, flamed etc.

Fernhill and Yoker

Anybody from Fernhill or Yoker was immediately and without question an absolute nutjob.

Wild Winters


You can remember when it really snowed during winter and it remained for months, you’re almost certain it stayed for half a year one time.

Small Faces Vs Trainspotting


You watched Small Faces and thought it was far better than Trainspotting, and somebody knew somebody who was in one of the scenes. Tongssss Ya Bas. Glennnnn.

Hampden Park Renovated


Hampden was due to be torn down and rebuilt.

Glasgow Smile

You were pretty sure walking home, just around every corner was somebody waiting to give you the “Glasgow” smile.

Garden Festival/Big Day/Nelson Rally


One of your earliest memories was, either 1988 Glasgow Garden Festival, watching Wet Wet Wet at the 1990 Big Day, or waving to some really important guy called Nelson Mandela in 1993.

Wow Glasgow, what a place.