There have been many iconic images that have shaped the modern day Glasgow we find ourselves living in. Some amazing, some horrifying, but all equally spectacular. Here is a brief selection of iconic Glasgow.

20. Poll Tax Demonstrations, 1990-1992

poll tax2

Glasgow refused to become Margaret Thatcher’s political puppet and by refusing the tax, set the heather alight for one of the most powerful protests in British history. Starting with hundreds of people, the protest exploded, more than 1 million in Scotland alone protested.

19. Birth of the M8, 1969


Charing Cross 1969, look how empty the surrounding area is. The M8 is now 60 miles long, parts of the motorway are used by more than 180,000 cars per day and it is Scotland’s busiest motorway.

18. Bridgeton Cross, 1890

Bridgeton Cross

Considering its been 125 years, it’s amazing how little has changed to the area in the East End of the city.

17. George Square, 1875

George Square 1875

George Square 1875, several of the monuments are already raised and in the background you can see the newly constructed Bank of Scotland building.

16. Red Road Flats, 1964-1969


Upon completion, the Red Road Flats were the tallest buildings in Western Europe. Initially seen as a vestige of hope, promising the idealistic vision of having a community in the sky, they arguably failed. They were set to be razed during the opening of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, but public outcry prolonged them a stay of execution.

15. Bible John, 1968/1969


For two years Bible John struck fear into the heart of females in Glasgow, suspected of the brutal murder of three women, the suspect then disappeared from the face of the earth. In recent years, Peter Tobin has surfaced as a suspect after a spate of brutal murders showed similarities to the Bible John murders, however he has not been charged.

14. The Launch of the QE2, 1967

QE2 launched in 1968

Tens of thousands of people watched as one of the grandest boats ever built on the Clyde was launched by the Queen herself. The iconic boat was replaced by the Queen Mary in 2004.

13. Glasgow Garden Festival, 1988

Glasgow Garden Festival 1988

Many consider the Glasgow Garden Festival to be the rebirth of Glasgow, also helping to set the foundations for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and all annual festivals now held in the city.

12. Oasis-The Cathouse/Tramway, 1994

oasis tramway2

Everybody remembers Oasis being discovered by Alan McGee in King Tuts but did you know there was a follow up tour for Definitely Maybe? Tramway and Cathouse were two of the venues consumed by the electricity of the Gallagher brothers.

11. Scottish Cup Final Riot May, 1980

Hampden Riots 1980

The definitive reason the sale of alcohol is forbidden from being sold in Scottish football grounds. A tense cup final between Celtic & Rangers became full scale mayhem following the final whistle. As both sets of fans charged at each other on the pitch, 200 people were arrested in and around Hampden.

10. Billy Connolly & Gerry Rafferty, 1967


A pre “Big Yin” Billy Connolly and Gerry Rafferty sitting enjoying a pint as “The Humblebums” missing third member Tam Harvey.

9. Barlinnie Riots Jan, 1987

Barlinnie Riots

Pictures broadcast around the world, Barlinnie Riots became the longest siege in Scottish prison history. For nearly five days the prisoners overran Barlinnie Prison, taking guards as hostages. None of the hostages, however, were hurt and at the end of the fifth day, the rioters sat down with a priest and shared a cup of tea, effectively ending the siege.

8. European Cup Final May, 2002

zinedine-zidane hampden

Arguably the greatest goal scored in a European Cup Final, Zinedine Zidane’s sublime volley against Bayer Leverkusen was probably the finest goal ever scored at Hampden.

7. The Rolling Stones-Apollo, September 1973

Rolling stones 1973

The Rolling Stones 1973 European Tour was a more stripped back affair than the previous years American tour. Appearing at Glasgow’s iconic Apollo, the band concentrated more on the music and less about the fame that surrounded them. (P.S look at the ticket price.)

6. Glasgow Airport Terrorist Attack, June 2007

30/06/07RobertMillarSUNDAY POST........ Glasgow International Airport. A car which is on fire and may have been attempted to be driven into the terminal building as part of a terrorist plot.

A day that will live in infamy in Scottish history, only safety bollards outside the airport prevented utter carnage and destruction.

5. Celtic Park-Hugh Dallas, May 1999

HUGH DALLAS COIN Blood pours from a cut on referee Hugh Dallas' head after he was struck by a coin thrown from the crowd

A game broiled in controversy from kick off, penalties, sendings off, pitch invasions, during the match a Celtic fan plummeted from the upper sections of the stadium onto the bottom section, but Hugh Dallas on his knees, blood pouring from his head after being struck with a coin, shocked the world.

4. George Square, September 2014


The most important day in Scottish history became a tense standoff between Yes and No voters in George Square, with both parties aiming to provocate each other into confrontation as tempers flared.

3. Clyde Tunnel, 1957-1963

clyde tunnel

One of the greatest engineering feats in Scottish history, the Clyde Tunnel was a spectacular achievement helping to connect Glasgow, expected to carry between 9000 and 13000 vehicles per day. 22,000 cars travelled through on the first day. Clyde Tunnel now carries 65,000 cars daily.

2. Nelson Mandela Freedom March, 1983

1984 Nelson Mandela frEEDON

Back when the world still considered Nelson Mandela a war criminal for his defiance against Apartheid in South Africa, Glasgow started a movement that would change the world. 2500 Mayors in 56 countries signed a mandate for the U.N demanding his freedom. Mandela in 1993 appeared in George Square thanking the people of Glasgow for their courage.

1. Commonwealth Games, July 2014

Commonwealth Games

Fantastic moment, showcased to more than a billion people worldwide, Glasgow welcomed the world in for a wee cup of tea. Reinvented Glasgow, Reinvigorated the Commonwealth Games…Even the Queen appeared at Celtic Park.