Glasgow, did you you know there’s more to the city than hammering burgers, staging a protest in George Square or attempting to stick a cone on a monuments head? (We were as surprised as you.)

If you’re going to be spending a wee bit of time in the city. You better get these ticked off the before I die list.

We bring you, 9 Things To Do in Glasgow Before You Keel Over.

9. Brazilliant – Sauchiehall Street


Situated in the premises of the old Capitol bar. Braziliant is perfect for all those ravaging carnivores out there. Basically an unlimited gorge sampling 15 different types of meat, right up until you resemble that really fat guy from the movie Seven. Braziliant will break even the hugest of appetites. To paraphrase the eponymous words of the legend that is Joey Tribbiani, “Here come the meat sweats”.

8. Drink (or witness) a Spirit In Glasgow’s Oldest Pub

The Scotia

Take a waltz back in time through Glasgow’s tumultuous edged history. Stockwell Street, where The Scotia resides, was one of only four streets that made up the Dear Green Place in 1792. With multiple claims of paranormal activity surrounding the pub (dead children, deathly applause, previous owners presence). Don’t worry though, if you don’t find any spirits you can always just drink a couple.

7. Have a Ball On The Sub Crawl

Sub crawl

The infamous Sub Crawl. A simply premise, Getting off at every stop on the Glasgow Sub Way, you must consume a drink, seems simply enough. However there are 15 stops and water technically can’t be included as a drink on your  epic journey  .

6. Stand Under Divinity With Salvador Dali


Voted Scotland’s most popular piece of art. Salvador Dali’s “Christ of St John on the Cross”, is one of the most recognisable pieces of art in all of history. Purchased by Glasgow Corporation in the 1950’s, there was actually a petition against its £8,200 purchase, saying that the money should be spent on promoting homegrown artists. It is now worth in excess of £80 million pounds following a failed puchase attempt by the Spanish Government, who allegedly bid £80 million for the Surrealist painters most infamous work.

5. Get A Face Full Of Imax 3D

imax glasgow

An absolute mind-blowing cinema at Glasgow’s Science Centre. Curved screen to fully immerse yourself within the movie, with many films now being filmed for specific use in IMAX (Interstellar, Spectre etc) IMAX is expecting huge numbers in December for what’s expected to become the most successful movie of all time. Luckily with the IMAX being found at the Science Centre, you wont be “Force”d into traveling “To A Galaxy Far Far Away” (Ahem) to watch it.

4. Bargain Hunt At The Barras

The Barras2


It might not be quite the iconic marketplace of old, but the Barras in the Gallowgate still captivates a feeling of warmth and wellbeing amongst the bargain hunting patrons of the city. Haggling is the currency of the Barras, ensure you bring your best patter. A real timeless Glasgow gem.

3. Avoid Falling On Your Arse Attempting Stand Up

The stand frankie

Ever heard the term “The graveyard for comedians”? Welcome to Glasgow. The notoriously offensive comedian Roy “Chubby” Brown, rather ironically, was so offended after being heckled he lasted four minutes at the Clyde Auditorium before trudging off. Still fancy facing the gauntlet of the ferocious Glasgow comedy audience. Red Raw at the Stand, is a perfect chance for you to sense where you are in the comedy stakes. Don’t worry the crowd don’t bite (or boo).

2. Have A Closer Look At The Big Yin

billy connolly

How would you describe Billy Connolly? Only a comedian? Then you would be wrong. How about Political Activist, humanitarian, Billion dollar box office award winning film star, N0.1 chart topper, and acclaimed artist amongst many other accolades bestowed upon “The Big Yin”. Head down to the Peoples Palace to discover “The Art of Billy Connolly”.

1. The Turner Prize AKA The Glasgow Miracle


For the first time in history, Both the Turner Prize exhibition and ceremony are being held at the Tramway Glasgow. Nicknamed the Glasgow Prize because the sheer number of Glasgow based artists who are year in, year out, nominated for the prize. Five former Glasgow School Of Art Students have won the award. Last year alone, three out of the four nominated artists were based in Glasgow. In acknowledgement of “Glasgow’s Miracle” Turner prize organisers decided to host the 2015 award ceremony in the city. Catch the free exhibition it’s on public display until January 17th.