Finnieston is making headlines it seems for all the right reasons these days. Booming food and drink industry, pop up art installations and home of Glasgow’s newest electronic music venue. You’ll almost certainly not be able to wander down the street without tripping over a elegantly bearded, coloured jean wearing “Beat Generation” inspired hipster.

Hipsters flocking to Finnieston is kind of the equivalent of bees pollinating flowers. They might be somewhat of a nuisance but ultimately they improve the surroundings. You could say that hipsters are pollinating Finnieston.

Anyway we digress, here are a few facts about Finnieston you might find interesting…

1. Hippest place to live

Finnieston 1

Indeed, Finnieston was very recently voted “hippest place to live in the UK”, by The Times. Vice magazine also recently voted Finnieston as best party place in the UK (along with Glasgow). Now when was the last time you read that The Times and Vice were in agreement about the same subject? PS we were the first to anoint hipsters living in Finnieston “Fipsters”

2. Under the Sea


Well technically under the river, but we very rarely get to reference Disney classics in our material (surprising we know) but have you ever wandered past the Rotunda on the side of the SECC and noticed an almost identical building on the other side of the River Clyde. That’s no coincidence. Between 1890 and 1896 tunnels were built underneath the Clyde for both pedestrians and horse drawn carriages. Sadly the Finnieston Tunnels were not financially successful and ultimately shut down. However in some form or another they were pedestrian accessible until 1980.

3. Finnieston Park AFC

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 16.15.11

Believe it or not, Finnieston actually has its own, albeit amateur, footballing team. Nevertheless, Finnieston Park sponsored by the local “Park Bar” is proudly flying the flag for Britain’s coolest area.

4. Finnieston Crane Dining

[youtube id=”JfrosNvujGw” mode=”lazyload”]

With Finnieston quickly becoming the place to go for top class food and drinks, without needing to snap your bank card immediately after you settle the bill. One of the more quirkier ideas for a restaurant, which still might come to pass is the plan to build a restaurant at the summit of the Finnieston Crane. First mooted in 2006, it was said several leisure companies were interested but as of yet, there as been no progress. Would definitely be unique. (As far as we are aware Limmy hasn’t been allowed to host a party on the “Cran”…Yet.)

5. Finnieston Distillery

The FinnieSton

Harking back to Glasgow of old, Finnieston had its own distillery. Founded in 1824 the distillery was situated on Finnieston Street which is now a major junction at the Clydeside Expressway. The distillery was only in operation for three years ceasing production in 1827. Finnieston Distillery became one of the 33 distilleries that failed in Glasgow City Centre. A whisky named “The Finnieston” has been created in honour of Finneston’s very own distillery.

6. Death by Forgery

Ebenezer Connal

The founder of Finnieston Distillery, Ebenezer Connal, was also Stirling Bank’s Clerk for twelve years. It is alleged that thanks to Connal’s testimony, a woman in 1818, Margaret Kennedy was sentenced to death after being caught forging money. Ebenezer Connal being Stirling Bank clerk, had personally signed every note and when Margaret Kennedy tried to pass off forged currency as legitimate. She was caught, put on trial, found guilty and sentenced to death.

7. SSE Hydro


The SSE Hydro on the edge of the Clyde Waterfront has helped fuel the explosion in restaurants and bars in the Finnieston area, inadvertently turning the once dilapidated area into the newest “place to be”. Since opening two years ago the £125 million SSE Hydro has went from being controversial “white elephant” to being voted third most popular venue in the world. It is also responsible for bringing more than £100 million per year to the Glasgow economy, much of that reflected in the evolving Finnieston area.

8. SWG3: The New Home of Dance


As untimely as the closure of the Arches was to Glasgow’s fans of electronica, it seems there was a pretender to the throne already in the waiting. SWG3 had been quietly gaining credit for its repeatedly brilliant atmosphere and huge space (being a warehouse and all). Kinda like the best bits of the Arches without the fear of a Daily Mail journalist lurking outside waiting to photograph you wide eyed and confused. P.S Please keep GBX away from it.