6 March is the big day to celebrate all the beautiful mamas in the world, whether they be aunties, grannies, sisters, or that one friend we all have who actually knows how to stitch buttons and ensures that everyone somehow gets home at the end of a mad night out. The classic card/brunch/flowers/chocolates combo is a surefire winner, don’t get me wrong, but for all those seeking a little more pizazz in their Mother’s Day surprises, try our suggestions out for size, and make sure you spread the love this Sunday!

Gin Tasting Fun (best for: the mums who can mix a mean G&T)

The Merchant City’s Virginia Bar is all set for Mother’s Day, with bespoke gin tasting sessions and special deals on a delicious meal. You’ll go from confused newbie to connoisseur in no time, so be sure to book your tickets quick because there’s no doubt the world and their maw will be popping along for a teacup of gin and the never-ending debate about which tonic makes it pop.

Hobbycraft Show Fun (best for: the mums who love a bit of arts and crafting)

Who doesn’t love a bit of arts and crafts?! This award-winning show is back for the weekend. and the SECC will be filling up with inspiration, supplies and ideas to ensure that your yearly handmade Christmas jumpers just keep on getting better. They even have wee stations where you can craft then and there, perfect for making the all important card that you might have just forgotten. Tickets available here.

Much Ado About Fun (best for: the mums who can’t stop planning your weddings)

Much Ado About Nothing is the original and best romcom, and the talented folks at Royal Conservatoire will be presenting their latest adaptation from the 4th-9th March. Expect laughter, drama and a whole lot of Shakespearean fun (yes it is possible to include those two words in the same sentence). Get your tickets here.

Rock Climbing Fun (best for: the mums who can 100% beat you at arm wrestling)

Fancy spending Mother’s Day climbing to the roof of a renovated church and working hard for your Sunday brunch for a change? Well, it isn’t up to you, so if mum’s keen, then you’d better get ready for a workout. Glasgow Climbing Centre welcome everyone from beginners to professionals and the balcony café is on hand to provide the all essential fuel to get you to the top. More info here.

Family History Fun (best for: the mums who love watching Who Do You Think You Are?)

Glasgow Museums Resource Centre is the magical place where all our treasured artefacts, artworks, miscellanies and more live when they aren’t doing the rounds in our local museums and galleries. As you might expect, they are a huge source of info for any budding history buffs, and this weekend they will be running a free workshop about all the old family bits and bobs which might become treasured heirlooms someday soon, and what they can reveal about your own family history. You’ll be grateful your mum kept all those childhood photos of you throwing up in the bath one day. We promise. More info here.

First Class Bus Fun (best for: the adventurous mums)


This one was suggested one of the actual mums that I asked (yes, I did genuine and very sophisticated journalistic research), so you know it’s authentic. A little random, but the more I think about it, the more I think that the Open Top Bus Tour becomes a great, quirky option for a Mother’s Day out. There’s no parking to fret about, you can drink wine at every stop without worrying about who’s driving you home, you get a fun tour of all the best spots and you can leave it to mum to choose where to get off and get that all important afternoon tea.

Peter Andre Fun (best for: the mums who are starting to go a bit deaf)

Image courtesy of Now magazine

I personally can’t think of anything more entertaining than an evening of Andre, did I mention that it’s swing music? I can only begin to imagine the numbers of unwitting Glasgow children who have been cajoled into buying tickets for their mothers, crumbling under the intensity of that affectionate, motherly glare that silently says ‘It’s my day. There’s no way out of this one’ whilst forlornly wondering if Katie Price will turn up just in time to reprise her essential role in the ‘Whole New World’ duet. What a beautiful sight!

Creepy Cinema Fun (best for: the film buff mums)


This year, GFT has some rather choice mother’s day screenings for the scary movie fans. For all those thinking that your mama’s nerves aren’t steely enough: have you SEEN One Born Every Minute?! A special showing of that maternally heart-warming Psycho is on the agenda, as well as the masterful Goodnight Mommy, a disturbing German film fresh off the festival circuit. There are, of course, plenty of more sugary films pluck for instead, just make sure that she gets her first choice for once, yeah?