With the recent viral picture sensation of a young man apparently photographing a ghostly figure in his work, it got us thinking about how spooky Glasgow actually is.

Glasgow might not have the depth of history in comparison to Edinburgh but after researching a little on Google it turns out the city has still experienced some pretty freaky happenings.

Read on…If you dare.

Haunted Arches


Glasgow’s Arches is said to be haunted by two separate ghosts, one of a young girl who wanders the downstairs corridors. As recent as 2009 during the Alien Wars run, actors taking part in the reality game said they repeatedly witnessed a young ghostly figure, thought to be a girl dressed in antiquated clothing drift between corridors. Although anytime she was approached, she would flee letting out a piercing scream as she did. Staff have spoken about this on many occasions.

The second apparition is more of a rumour than an actual sighting but, before the area surrounding the Arches became safe to walk around, 1950’s and earlier circa, it was inhabited by the darker citizens of Glasgow life, prostitutes and the like. Well the story goes that a prostitute met a grisly end after being murdered and hidden in a lift shaft/stairwell in the derelict building that would later become the Arches.

The stairwell was hidden by cement and bricks and her body never found. It is said that you can also hear her screams resonating from inside the Arches.

Reston Mather @ Provan Hall & Blochairn House

provan hall

A building in the East of Glasgow which dates back to the fifteen century is said to be haunted by one of its previous owners, Reston Mather.

One of Glasgow’s oldest buildings, with the land being mentioned of importance as far back as the 12th century and the second Bishop of Glasgow speaking of the land Provan Hall rested on. Reston Mather’s family had ownership of the estate for half a century, from 1874-1934 and upon the sudden death of himself and his brother was immediately sold. Who knows if against his will? Countless tourists have spoke of a man dressed in ancient clothes in the building and Glasgow City Council have previously sanctioned paranormal experts to find evidence of anything haunting the grounds and house.

Suicidal Man @ Dalmarnock Road Bridge

dalmarnock road bridge


Back in the 1970’s Glasgow was a pretty rough place, especially Dalmarnock, you can imagine the horror of walking casually home from work along Dalmarnock Road Bridge to see a young smartly dressed man, possibly in early thirties, stand up on the edge and leap from the bridge to his death. Distraught, the innocent bystander runs to the side of the bridge, looks down dreading what shocking image he is about to uncover to reveal that the young man has completely vanished. This happened several times along the same bridge in the 1970’s. It is unclear if there had been any suicides prior to the apparition.

Time Dilation @ High Street


On several occasions between 1996-1997, a person living in a flat adjacent to High Street in the city centre, reported the sight of seeing ghostly Victorian figures fill the street. On more than one occasion the person reported that the path running between the Tolbooth Clock and the Royal Infirmary had various ghostly figures appear, ladies in long dresses, workman, horses and carriages and other people who simply didn’t belong on the street, and appeared to be from a different page of ancient history. On a later occasion, another witness in the flat corroborated his story helping reinforce his claim. Each ghostly appearance lasted nearly ten minutes.

Glasgow Museum of Transport (previous one)

transport museum

The petrified screams of children can be a harrowing ordeal for anybody to be faced with however, at the old Glasgow Transport Museum late night security guards have spoken in terror of hearing the terrified screams of children within the museum. But upon investigating the screams found no signs of any children, there was also reports of a headless woman roaming the museum on several occasions. It has been rumoured that Kelvin Hall was used as a morgue during the blitz. Paranormal experts have actually conducted experiments aiming to discover if beings from another spectral plane reside in the old Glasgow Transport Museum.

Grey Lady of Glasgow Royal

glasgow horror

Probably Glasgow’s most infamous ghost, The Grey Lady of Royal Infirmary is said to linger and drift along corridors, countless doctors and nurses who’ve worked there throughout the decades have spoken of seeing the spectre of a woman dressed in grey in a corridor and pass through a door but when the doctor or nurse who like most sane people presume it’s a patient, chases after them only to discover the woman has in fact disappeared and there appears no trace of her and no patients are missing from any of the wards.

With the foundations laid and built in 1794, rebuilt in early 1900’s and once again in the 1970’s there are more than 200 years of history piled on top of one another, it would be narrow minded to assume that during the countless years of pain, trauma and agony the hospital has become accustomed to, it has failed to leave an indelible mark on the very foundations Glasgow Royal Infirmary stands upon.