You’re Only Shmokin it! Sarah a really fancy you, so eh how about it? A wasnae stealin!!

Who remembers the old health board adverts (Hebs)? We’re not entirely sure of their effectiveness but they certainly caught the nations attention.

Ten years old and there’s a good chance you’ll still hear somebody shouting, their timeless catchphrases in the most random of places.

Which of the H.E.B.S adverts and catchphrases can you remember?

No.7 Sticks

Who can remember the brilliant line, “This tastes boggin”.

No.6 Mysteries of the Universe

Set like a documentary, “Mysteries of the universe” was another classic.

No.5 Rave

Remember “He’s aff his heeeed” or “haw it’s turned her intae a pure space cadet.”

No.4 Stinx

This was less a catchphrase and more a complete rip off, of the melody behind Britney Spears “Baby Hit Me One More Time”.

No.3 Smack

Take your pick from these classics “Aye Shmack, yer only smoking it!” “A wasnae stealin!” “Or any shpare change pal?”

No.2 Booze (Female)

“Should have seen the nick o’ her on Saturday night”

No.1 Sarah (Male)

“Sarah, a really fancy you so eh, how about it?”

So how about it Glasgow did we miss any? Fill us in below.