Unbeknownst to most of the world outside of Weegietoon, there’s much to the Glasgow lingo than just “Och aye the noo” and “curly wurly”. Whether it’s a cheery “it’s yersel!” or a frostier “shut yer geggy”, we’ve certainly got a way with words. Here are our top ten phrases translated into more digestible soundbites for anyone but the native speakers.

1. Rule #1: Zero bawbaggery is accepted in our city. 


2. No, literally. Literally do it.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Relevant Search Scotland

3. We’ll be having none of your posh bottled crap when we’ve got FINE SCOTTISH WATER flowing from our taps!

4. Just geez it.

5. How? Just, gonnae no.

6. I fully regret those Buckfastbombs

7. If anyone mentions this again, I will end you.

8. Until any further notice, the answer is always “yes”.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Huffington Post

9. Cool story, bro.

10. Sean Batty declares official taps off weather.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Pagepark.co.uk

Spotted the absence of any serious Glasgow slang? Send us in your weegie words of wisdom to add to the list!