With Christmas on the way, there is no better time than the present to start Chrimbo shopping! One of the main problems when picking gifts is what to buy, the high street is full of the same old, so why not go local? There are loads of wee boutiques across Glasgow and talented designers across Scotland with plenty of unique gifts. Local businesses depend on us to keep them going, so it’s not only helping you with choosing something fabulous but also helps them in the process. So, GlasgowLiving has come up with a bumper GlasgowLiving Local Gift Guide! Happy Shoppin’!

Just in time for the Festivities and the Christmas Shopping Season we’re stocking and partnering up with small independent bespoke creative businesses. Right now “Glasgow’s Finest” is packed with quirky independent retailers, selling everything from Black Pomegranate Candles and Whisky Dropper Sets & Jugs to fine homemade lemonade and cutting-edge “Did Ye Aye” Mugs.


There really is an astonishing selection of fine-looking handmade crafts and tailor-made potential presents. Check here for a rundown of some of the traders who are now on board as part of the GlasgowLiving Family…Featuring Mobros Candles, Suki Boy, The Drink’s Cupboard, Candelle & Co, FOAL Drinks, Lisa Donati...


1. Gym & Tonic Cosmetic Bag, £6.99, Maia Gifts / 2. ‘Luxury Candelle” Gift Box, £40, Candelle & Co / 3. Mini Balms Travel Gift Set, £24, Ermana / 4. Mid Week Wine Fund Cash Stash Tin, £3.25, Brightside at Papyrus  / 5. Zippy Tweed Purse in “Crush”, £24.99, Ness / 6. Blether pin, £8, Bonnie Bling at The Shop of Interest / 7. Katie Loxton, “Adalie” Handbag, Charcoal, £49.50, Lime Tree  / 8. Barrowlands Cushions, £30, Jill Kirkham at Braw Wee Emporium / 9. Joma Jewellery, Life’s a Charm “Love” Necklace, £20.99, Lime Tree / 10. ‘Yer Some Wummin’ Fridge Magnet, £3.50,candycane


1. Core Range Mixed Case, £20, Drygate / 2. Bruichladdich Laddie Classic Gift Pack, £56, The Good Spirits Co. / 3. James Circular Cufflinks, £25, The Shop of Interest / 4. Custom Watch Boxes, Price on Request, JB Woodworks / 5. Navy Stag Scarf, £38, Roddie & Louie at Made from Scotland / 6. Football T-Shirts, £20-£28, Boca 10 / 7. Scottish Tenement Kits, £25.50, The Shop of Interest / 8. ‘World’s best da’ print, £20, The Grey Earl at Made From Scotland / 9. Men’s Body Gift Set, £24, Arran Aromatics / 10. The Quiet Life Script Chainstitch Sweatshirt, £75, Fat Buddacandycane


1. DKNY Boys T-Shirt, £22.99, Kiddie Boutique by Claire / 2. Owl Felt Bag Sewing Kit, £14, nanamomomakes.co.uk / 3. Light Up Individual Letters, £10.95, Papyrus / 4. Bob & Blossom Grey Tutu, £32, Butterfly Kisses / 5. Mermaid Blanket, £32, Libellula Boutique / 6. Monster Voice Changer, £11.99, Maia Gifts / 7. Emile et Rose James Outfit, £29, Petite Pomme / 8. Piñata Money Bank, £16.99, Maia Giftscandycane


1. Cards Against Humanity, £28, Papyrus / 2. Random Hair Grips, Fake Eyelash and Half An Earring Coin Tray, £7.50, Papyrus / 3. Bath House Prosecco Pamper Gift Box, £20, Lime Tree / 4. Whisky Tasting Glass, £20, Angels’ Share Glass / 5. “Did Ye Aye?” White Ceramic Mug, £9.95, Lisa Donati / 6. Golf Ball Bottle Opener, £9.99, cassiopeiaonline.co.uk / 7. Sushi Workshop Gift Card, £29.50, Mayuko’s Kitchen / 8. Artisan Chocolates Box of 25, £25, Chocolate Tree / 9. Cook School Hampers, £18-£75, The Cook Schoolcandycane

Happy Shopping!