Or maybe you already know them. But if you are that much of a fan, then you will appreciate the vids we have popped in here in celebration of one of our favourite Glasgow bands. Enjoy reading, and if you are popping along to their shows at the University of Glasgow Debates Chambers, then don’t forget your dancing shoes, catastrophe waitress! There are still a few tickets left for the shows tonight and tomorrow, check it out here.

1. They have been going for 19 years strong

In an all night café, the band was born, and they have been pleasing the indie kid inside us all ever since. They were picked up by Stow College’s label Electric Honey, and 1000 vinyl copies of Tigermilk came into existence. The originals are highly sought, and She’s Losing It is probably my favourite track from that album, so enjoy. If you are a big time fan and knew all of that, I’d still bet that you didn’t know that last fact.

2. Their namesake is a French novel

Thankfully anglicised, as Belle et Sebastién doesn’t lend itself all that easily to a weegie accent. This French novel about a boy and his dog was adapted to a TV show in several languages. Buzzfeed honoured the name choice as one of the 13 most pretentious in a list a few years back. People didn’t agree. And that was mostly that.

3. Analysing their lyrics is an art form

There are over 100 comments on this site discussing the possible interpretations of Piazza New York Catcher. What do you take from it?

4. They clearly made it across the pond

Indie, off-beat romance ‘(500) Days of Summer’ cited Belle and Sebastian as the eponymous heroine’s favourite band – she quoted in her yearbook from The Boy with the Arab Strap. Anyone else remember the excitement at being sat in the cinema and thinking OMG BELLE AND SEBASTIAN I LOVE THEM TOO?

5. They beat Steps and 5ive to a Brit Award

This was confusing for a number of reasons. Firstly, why they had won ‘best newcomers’ for the release of their third album in 1999, and secondly, how they ended up alongside line dancing techno in the first place? Both excellent, for sure, but for highly different reasons.

6. Rupert Murdoch likes to make films as well as music

The Ayr-born singer and musician made God Help the Girl, and received critical acclaim on the festival circuit. On a completely unrelated note, Murdoch has also described himself as ‘straight to the point of boring myself’ when asked about his sexual preferences. As rude as it is to just ask someone that, the quote is an excellent one.

7. The tunes just keep on coming

9 studio albums later, we have come to Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, and they continue to deliver. We just want to take this chance to say thanks for being great, Belle and Sebastian. Glasgow is lucky to have you!