Glasgow is a city awash with music, it’s history has been written in song, and there are dozens, if not more than a hundred places nightly with live music on offer.

Any band, group or singer, hasn’t played until they’ve performed in Glasgow.

Rolling Stones, Beatles, Bowie, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Guns and Roses, Pink Floyd and Nirvana have all played in Glasgow. The city is so renowned for its musical heritage it earned a Unesco World Centre of Music accolade in 2008.

So much so that Glasgow is almost universally known as having one of the best atmospheres in the world.

It’s less about an entertain us or die attitude and more about party with us and live forever…

The Glad Cafe

Glad Cafe

The Glad Cafe is similar to how you might imagine a hipster Central Perk (Cafe from Friends) transported to Shawlands, live performances and shows almost everyday of the week. Ranging from live music, film nights and live speakers. Glad Cafe is also dedicated to promoting and showcasing local bands and singers. Brilliant for the Southside.



A fantastic edition to the bustling Sauchiehall Street nightlife, gigs downstairs tend to have a stripped back atmosphere, intimate, sweaty, loud, perfect for catching a band before they move onto King Tuts or beyond. Literally live music every single night, whether the bands be local or international, guaranteed great time. (P.S 2 4 1 burgers).

Oran Mor


You can expect to see some top names play in the former Kelvinside Parish Church, and the annual Celtic Connections festival, brings some of the most well respected eclectic musicians in the industry to play in Oran Mor. Unmistakeable at the entrance to Byres Road.



A fairly decent place for live music, downstairs is set up perfectly for performances, quite obscure to find the first time but easy to remember, expect to see live bands, DJ’s, solo artists and a 3am license Thu, Fri, Sat. Don’t be put off if you’re not vegetarian or vegan though, they won’t make you sign a contract swearing off meat to gain entry.



Although some aspects of of Sauchiehall Street’s nightlife might appear cultureless, there are still havens that can shelter you from the lower realms of Sauchiehall’s social debauchery. Box is one of them, live music 7 days a week, cheap drinks, great atmosphere. As is our next entry.



As intertwined with Glasgow’s music scene as King Tut’s. Doors first opened in 1991 and been a favourite of music lovers ever since, open 7 nights a week til 3 am, Sleazy’s guarantees live acts almost every single night, majority of events are free entry but on occasion (depending on the act) most you will pay is £10/£11.

Bar Bloc


A fine establishment, providing great music (and great food) 7 days a week, with different performers every night, and an (almost obligatory) open mic night every Sunday. Bar Bloc is an excellent place to go relax catch a tune or two after a hard day at work.

13th Note


If you’ve never visited 13th Note, then you need to make add it to the bucket list of Glasgow music scene. A little bit off the beaten track, 13th Note is nevertheless relatively easy to discover. Gigs tend to take place downstairs and can range from rock to more acoustic ambient music, and everything thrown in between.


The Libertines

A Glasgow icon, the Barrowlands is considered one of the greatest atmospheres in the music industry, with its spring loaded floor and emphatic acoustic setting. It is considered an honour to play. The Barrowlands neon sign, (one of the biggest of its kind outside Vegas), is famous throughout the world.

King Tuts Wah Wah Hut


2015 has seen King Tuts celebrate its 25th anniversary by hosting 21 gigs in February, (almost every gig sold out) initially opened to help showcase smaller bands who wouldn’t get opportunity otherwise. King Tuts has grown into something as respected as Barrowlands. Cemented its reputation in history, after Oasis, Radiohead and the Verve played within a two week period.