“For a wee lassie, she can fair light up the stage”, one of the enthusiastic members of ChVrches sell out SSE Hydro crowd, yelled to the person next to him.


For an unassuming band from Glasgow, ChVrches enrapture the crowd from start to finish, a sea of fans holding their phone lights in the air, adding to the already spectacular stage and light show

ChVrches the three piece from (sometimes) sunny Glasgow, had their homecoming at the SSE Hydro and what an atmosphere, hooking the fans with opening track Never Ending Circles, lead singer Lauren quickly took command and even with the intimidating coliseum like SSE Hydro, never looked overawed.

Exploding onto the scene with their brand of Synthelectroindypoprock, ChVrches, Lauren, Iain and Martin, discovered that synth, although at its peak in the eighties, was still warmly received by the world. Touring with Synth Gods Depeche Mode, probably didn’t harm their potential as well.

You’d be hard pressed, not to warm to ChVrches, the rapport they share on stage is completely natural, which can only come from being genuine friends. With their hectic schedule taking them on almost constant tour, a false bond can destroy bands, whereas it makes true bonds unbreakable.

With fan favourites from both critically acclaimed albums being performed to rapturous screams from the crowd, ChVrches are definitely well on the way to world greatness. Tracks such as Empty Threat, Leave a Trace, and Gun were emphatically recognised by the crowd within the initial opening beat.

ChVrches deserve every accolade and every single bit of recognition that has been bestowed upon them, and they’ve earned acclaim through hard work catchy tunes and a fantastic personality.

The strength of their material is clear to see throughout their debut and sophomore album, it’s especially clear on stage, closing with upbeat and crowd pleasing Clearest Blue, and finishing the gig with haunting and emotional encore of Afterglow, and arguably their most successful single to date, The Mother We Share.

A fantastic gig at the SSE Hydro. ChVrches are a truly unique voice in the music industry, a shining light in a land of talentless, regurgitated, clone like, reality television pop stars.

We can’t wait to catch the talented trio during festival season.