No need for fables as the Dragons breathe fire at SSE

“In 2012 we played to 150 fans in Glasgow”, Lead vocalist Dan Reynold yells to the adoring crowd. “In 2013 we played to 2500 in this city, and now in 2015 we’re playing to 12,000 people in the SSE Hydro.”

Imagine Dragons

In the space of three years Imagine Dragons have gone from, squeezing out a 40 minute set as relative unknowns in Nice and Sleazy’s to in 2015 performing in front of a capacity SSE Hydro crowd, who worship every moment the band spend on stage.

It was clear on Sunday night that the “Dragons” showcasing their Mirrors and Light Tour, are a close group. Whether it be lead singer Dan coaxing the Glasgow crowd to sing “happy birthday” to “Peaches” the sound guy. Or even during the show, each band member receiving their moment in the spotlight to showcase their talent, theres a lot of love felt among the Dragons crew.

Lead Singer, Dan Reynold passionately thanked the Glasgow crowd for showing their defiance following the atrocities in Paris and Beirut, immeditely launching into a cover of Alphaville’s “Forever Young”. A defient anti-war song considering we live in a world of war and fear.

The band dipped into their impressive two album back catalogue with fan favourites “Demons”, “Amsterdam”, “It’s Time”, and Samsung soundtracked “On Top of the World”.

With Grammy Award, Billboard Award and World Music Awards under their belt its fantastic to witness a band who refuse to let success weigh them down.

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Throwing in a casual 500 miles cover for the Scottish crowd,  the band even took time to discover (after a quick crowd interaction) the city’s pronunciation was actually Glas “Go” instead of Glas “Gow” as the majority of Stateside Stars visiting Glasgow, tend to yell out.

Imagine Dragons seem to appeal to all age ranges the crowd age range seemed to stretch from 18-80 (maybe not 80 it’s a bit loud in the Hydro) Reynolds unashamedly appealing to the in vogue hipster market with his relaxed attire and prominent manbun.

The evolution of the Imagine Dragons sound could be heard throughout their Hydro gig, its hard to pinpoint a specific genre to define the Nevada natives. A hint of The Killers here, a dash of Mumford and Sons there, throw in a little Kings of Leon and sprinkle a little U2 uplift and you’re just about there.

The band have also spoke of their admiration for The Beatles in previous press interviews.

With all these separate musical influences evident throughout, it perhaps explains the huge market appeal the band receive. Its quite the impressive feat, creating music accepted loved and adored by all.

The atmosphere was as equally exciting as it was intimate, the crowd switching easily from all out party mode to the solemn 21st century lighter raising (mobile phone torch).

To be honest, even if the band had went full lobotomy mid gig and refused to play “Radioactive” (arguably their most commercial hit so far). The crowd would have still left the Hydro and have loved every single minute.

Thankfully they avoided any neurological procedures and as expected tore the Hydro’s roof off with “Radioactive”.

Walking back on stage to finish with an encore of The Fall, while ticker tape simultaneously fell from the roof covering the crowd, the SSE Hydro crowd exited, overjoyed, ecstatic and very slightly emotional.

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Imagine Dragons? Who needs fables when the Dragons walk amongst us.