SubClub never disappoints, in its 20 some year history it has watched all club challengers in Glasgow ride their wave of popularity but ultimately evaporate, as soon as the next music bubble appears, the rival fans move on leaving the rival club, out of touch and out of time. Sub Club is more than a club. As an institution, it is timeless. It’s 29 years history defines it.

An atmosphere like no other in Scotland, Thursday night in Sub Club proved to be unique for a number of reasons. Jonas Rathsman the enigmatic Swedish DJ currently city hopping from Chicago, Miami Music Festival, Glasgow, London and Manchester, showcasing his Elements tour. Appeared in Sub Club, to celebrate his (We’ll keep his exact age elusive.) birthday with the Sub Club loyal. It also happened to coincide with the launch party for Skye Live, now in its second year, it’s certainly showing signs of becoming a top quality festival.

Only in its second year, Skye Live has been forced to move to a larger area to accommodate fans scrambling for sought after tickets, last year’s sold out, this years will almost certainly do the same.

“Yeah we were a bit surprised about how successful last year’s SkyeLive festival was, although now it seems crazy that it never had a festival, it’s the second most visited destination in Scotland.” Said Niall Munro, real life son to Runrig legend Donnie.

“It’s a privilege to be playing hear tonight, it’s a privilege to play, we’ve got a great relationship Sub club, we share a passion for music, and for creating something on Skye.” Said Niall.


It was almost guaranteed that this would be a night to remember, starting off very calm and cool, Jonas’ set built into somewhat of a frenzy (well certainly a frenzy for SubClub’s typically laid back BPM’s.) The crowd loved it, Jonas loved it and GlasgowLiving absolutely loved it.

“There’s nothing like a Glasgow crowd, every night here feels like the weekend.” Said the man who made his name in Gothenburg, informing us that he had been awake, raring for his Sub Club set since six that very morning.

Using the tour to showcase his new Elements radio show, Jonas is trying to recreate the sensory perception of elements, through music, he himself said “it’s beautifully unpredictable, like the elements theme itself, my Elements sets are less about the end destination and more focussed on the journey of the set itself. A lot of it’s unheard music, I put into every set. Every gig is unique. It’s like a tastemaker for the radio show.”

“If you love the sets you’ll love Elements radio show.” said the Swedish DJ enjoying every minute of his three hour turn in the iconic SubClub DJ booth.

jonas rathsman

Chicago, Miami, Britain, Sweden, the jet-setting Swede is topping up his air miles promoting the new radio show, after Glasgow, it was on to Manchester and London, so no rest for the in demand DJ. “Miami was great,” said Jonas “obviously because of the weather, but you can’t compare Glasgow to Miami, people are in Miami because it has a following already, however in Glasgow people are there because they want to be, they are the cool one’s, people in Glasgow don’t go to party, they are the party.” said the Swede referring to Sub Club and Glasgow’s reputation as a music mecca and notorious party capital.

Offering Jonas a salutary birthday libation, he perhaps through obligation, optioned for Scotland’s most famous national drink (not Irn Bru the other one), GlasgowLiving leaving the friendly Swede slightly bemused after announcing we weren’t actually too fond of our own national drink.

Choosing to stick to a less morning disrupting lager, we joined Jonas in the SubClub DJ booth for a different perspective, and it was clear to see that both himself and the Sub Club crowd were made for each other, no one on Thursday night could have left the Jamaica Street club with anything but love for the Scandinavian DJ. The feeling, by evidence of the huge smile on Jonas’ face, was evidently mutual.

It seems that even jet set travelling DJ’s, who hobnob between, Sweden, Chicago (the home of house music), Miami and everywhere in between, still knows that the best place to spend his birthday, would be in Glasgow’s Sub Club, a place where DJ and fan are one and the same.

Jonas and the Sub Club crowd? Perfect synergy.