The Arches is dead. Stripped of its 3am license, it can no longer function as a late night nightclub.

GlasgowLiving has already spoke in depth about the unnecessary decision to destroy The Arches.

We should reiterate The Arches is simply not the problem.

The Arches is a building that hosts concerts and gigs.

It appears once again that the authorities have no idea how to deal with the problem of drink and drugs in society.

Similar to the introduction of the Criminal Justice Act of 1994, authorities are panicking because dance music is no longer a quiet unseen sub culture of society.

Instead, EDM is now standing, fully disrobed, in the midday sun, ready to face the scourge and full onslaught of the media’s wrath.

We ask, how will closing a brick and mortar venue help educate Scottish society about the dangers of drink and drugs?

Should that not be the parents responsibility? Should schools not have a responsibility of care for their pupils?

It seems far easier for schools and parents to blame anyone but themselves, how about starting with under 18 nights in clubs?

Of course they are not the problem, the problem is the 10 15 year olds drinking a bottle of vodka before they reach the doors of the club.

Will the authorities seek to blame the clubs for drinking before the club? Impossible, again the responsibility lies with the parents.

Attempting to Old Testament, Ten Commandment forbid young people from doing anything is only going to create a “forbidden fruit” element, due to the rebellious nature of young people and teenagers.

There must be a new way of looking at the problem, a new direction to take because the old one has disastrously failed.

Certain people still drink excessively, certain people still take drugs to excess, and it seems the authorities have proven once again they have no idea how to deal with the problem.

It seems abundantly clear to everyone apart from Police Scotland and the Licensing Board that closing one of the world’s greatest nightclubs is 100% per cent not the answer.

R.I.P The Arches 1991-2015

Glasgow, never forget, they might have succeeded in killing the venue but they will never succeed in killing the music.