Ever wished there was a stress-free way to get to the airport or travel to an important business meeting with peace of mind? Enter myDriver. As part of the Sixt Group, myDriver has “provided a professional transfer service for private and business customers” since 2013. With a fleet of premium vehicles, the chauffeur service prides itself on its comfortable and dependable transfers. After hearing about myDriver and needing a lift to the airport, GlasgowLiving decided to try them out…

My driver, glasgow, glasgow living
Image: facebook @mydriver.de

Best for: travelling to the airport, travelling to an important meeting or event. It’s also ideal for when you are abroad, as it’s a sure way of knowing it’s safe, exactly how far away your destination is and how much you will be paying.

Our journey details: We were picked up on time, I was greeted at my front door and the gentleman who picked me up was extremely friendly. He helped me get in the car with my bags and I instantly felt very comfortable and safe in the car. From leaving my house all the way to the airport, I felt as though I could relax in the back of the car without having to worry about whether I made my flight on my time.

Throughout the journey, we spoke about anything and everything – we even joked it was like sitting in a therapist’s chair! It was very, efficient with a lift right to the front door of the terminal building, where it was like saying goodbye to a family member. As for the car, it was very clean, spacious – and as it was 6am, I was so relaxed I definitely nodded off in the back for 5 minutes!

my driver, glasgow, glasgow living
Image: Facebook @mydriver.de

Verdict: We would highly recommend to use this service when travelling for either travelling to the airport or work. The main factor being the peace of mind – there is someone there to pick you up on time and get you to your destination safely and with a smile. Both as a company and personally, we will definitely use the service again.

For more information, check out their website and their Facebook page.